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[In Progress] Imjustbad's Member Application

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In Game Name: ImJustBad In Real Life Name: Trevor James, Warren
Gender: Male
Age: October 10th 2000
Xfire: Don't have one
Skype: minecraftservers1
Steam: WaW_MoDz
B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this): 3623
How long have you been around server for?: I Have been on this server for about 5-6 months
How often do you play?: i play everyday on teamspeak and on deathrun and all games supported by pXg.
Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?: Why I feel o would be a good member for this clan is because  i know alot about cod 4 and most things about deathrun and teamspeak i am smart i have small coding/scripting abilities and i like to be with the community and have fun with people and people like to have fun with me too.

Additional information: Some additional information is that i am good friends with Emerson, Mook, GLXY, Potato, and Nick and i feel that being with these friends i have learned what it is like to be in pXg and all of the power that entails in being a pXg member.

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Hey thanks man i really i want to be in but it is your guys decision.


ok i know most of you want to vote NO but still why not try i really want to be in.



Trevor Warren

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this guys here is really chill. he is never abnoxious and he actually plays CoD4! c:

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