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Redding California

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Hey guys so if you haven’t heard in the news about the “Carr Fire” happening here in my hometown of Redding, CA, I suggest looking it up. It’s burned over 100,000 acres and has destroyed 847 structures (at the time of this post).

I’m making this post to hopefully make some aware of this disaster. It’s all happening here in my hometown and has devasted multiple historical parks, neighborhoods, even entire communities. At one point it looked like the fire was going to destroy the entire city.

I along with many other have been pulling 16-17 hour shifts without a day off in sight making sure people are evacuated, getting food/water and keeping looters away from evacuated buildings. It’s been deemed a state of emergency by both the county and state governor.

Working out there we’ve heard some pretty heart breaking things that have happened to some people. There were 14 *reported* missing persons however it may not come to a surprise that they are most likely deceased. We’ve had two confirmed casualties on the field. One being a CalFire inspector and a Dozer operator.

I’ve got tons of pics of this thing however I’m too lazy to post them and they aren’t anywhere near the quality some people have so again I urge that you look into this, it’s an absolute disaster.

Thanks guys for reading, hopefully fire cancer a hold of this thing so no more people can lose their homes, peace.

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Good luck man. Sorry that has to happen but unfortunately it did. Hope all is well and I will be looking at news to see how it’s going. Shame that people will have to go through that. Once more, best of luck Space.

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This is super near me. I can see it sometimes when I go towards Ontario, it’s crazy

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