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dolan rodstick.

dolan rodstick

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Hey guys, I'm dolan rodstick, or Dylan. I have been around  this community for about 4 years. Throughout my time I have been known as many names, Including but not limited to: Dolan, Rubix, Lego, Mailbox, etc. With all of those aliases comes a different story but the gist of my experience on here has been a shitty memer. I have tried to redeem myself several times but with no avail, I went back to meming every time. I have 7 permbanned accounts that were made as jokes, and have had my fair share of drama happen. I've been ratted a few times, doxed a few times, ddosed a few times, and throughout that all I have stayed true to who I am. Someone who wants to make people laugh at stupid shit. Anything I say to anyone should be taken as a grain of salt. It doesn't matter as long as we've had fun. I am currently aspiring to be a visual effects artist and so forth. 

Memes that I thought were pretty funny. (when I made them of course)


Consider There is some racism in here, please do not look if easily offended.









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Wow nice to meet u

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