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Offical Member Application - Xer

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I've read and understand the application requirements: Yes


Real Name: Kelsey Daniel


Age: 15


Steam (Profile Link): http://steamcommunity.com/id/KelseyDaniel/


How long have you been around the server for: 5-6months


How often are you on: Everyday


What country are you from?: Trinidad and Tobago


Why do you feel like you would be a good addition to pXg?: Am active on the dr run and cod jumper, promod servers helping new players out when admins are not around also I follow all the rules of the servers


Additional Information: Am active on teamspeak and on forums  am very friendlily to the admins and players of servers and am respectful to all the admins decisions and I have an mature attitude on the servers  



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Thanks guys for the support:cool:


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1 hour ago, Xer said:

Thnks Arc


No problem, you can tag someone in a post by putting and @ before their name


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