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Found 1 result

  1. Voidix (ReApply)

    Before I get into my app. I would like to say I messed up. I left pXg because admins dont play. But then, I was in ts with Peter and he said ( quote on quote with his sexy voice) I know admins dont play but what about other plays. That really hit me. Also leaving pXg feels just like leaving a family. I been in pXg for over a year. It was hard, a clan convinced me that a ton of people will play and u will get 60 and etc. But it wasn't the same feeling i had when i was a 40 in pXg with members that i talk to no matter what game they play. So i decided to leave that clan. Ingame Name: Vdx. or Voidix. Real Name: Blake (mitchell) Laudermilch Gender: Male Age: 14 xfire: none Skype: ekalbxb Steam: Voidix. B3 Id: @1146 How long have you been in the server: I have been in since 12/31/13 and play daily especially on weekends (will start to again) Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan: I would be a good member because i already fucked up and know what it is like to not be in pXg. However, this time I will be more active than i was before and basically only play pXg. I will be on daily to make sure that everything is going right on the server and nothing goes out of hand (making pXg as best as it can since raid people may be coming). Additional Information: Like i said above, i messed up. I should of never thought of leaving pXg for any other clan (because you guys are my family). I have a record of 0 bans, warns, and I was a 40 before. (this is my 3rd time overall applying)