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  1. Hello, We're offering a Lead / Main Developer position to anyone with a lot of experience with modding for Call of Duty 4. Skills Needed / Preferred: Excellent - Competent skill with modding for Call of Duty 4 / 5 Primarily with working with GSC & Menu files Preferred skills in Asset Manager & Porting Imagination. ( speaks for it's self ) A reasonable - good amount of free time to work on projects A good understanding of programming tools ( sublime, atom, git, gitlab, sourcetree, git in general ) A love for change logs ( not required but so useful ) Communication skills. We like talking. Talking is good. Requirements: This position is open to anyone that meets the following requirements: Has a good to minimal standing in the community Is an official member of Precision Gaming Speaks reasonable English ( You'll be working with code written & commented in lazy English. Plus I don't speak any other language. Sorry ) Is not currently on fire. That's not helpful! Info: Info: Now I know that looks like a tall order but we're aiming to find someone that can take over the work load we ( I ) currently have for our mods. We've got a lot of things planned but no time to work on the mods ourselves. Of course you're not going to be able to just say that you know the previously menitoned things and we'll hand you over a full mod sources. I've prepared a small test for anyone that applies for this position; nothing too scary but something that will allow you to show off your skills! ( those dank skill. Am I right?... anybody? ) If you're intrested then please don't be worried about the above requirements. We're looking for someone that is capable not a master mind. If you think your up for the job or would like a challenge then please don't hast to contact me either through my Pm's or [email protected] / [email protected] I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can.