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Found 8 results

  1. AlexMLB Deathrun Application

    Real Name: Alex Abbott Gaming Alias: Logic$tep Gender: Male Age: 13 Steam: OmegaStylez B3 ID (type !regtest in game): @5469 Servers Played: Deathrun, CodJumper How long have you been around the server for?: 1 3/4 almost 2 months How often are you on?: everyday, anytime i can play Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?: I Helped FNRP With Administrating the Server and Helped With Maps. Additional Information: I wasn't active but now i am. They told me to wait and now i have. Hope i can Get Far. I am A Good Jumper too. Just Reached Level 30
  2. Wav3yZaba's Application

    Ingame Name: Wav3yZaba Real Name: Austin Achey Gender: Male Age: 13 Will be 14 in June Xfire: Wav3yZaba Skype: zaba attack Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/zabaattack/ if not search austinachey1 or zaba attack B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this): @2679 How long have you been around server for?: Oh god for a while now id say about a year with very little break when I stop playing (Get bored with cod4) How often do you play?: I play everyday unless im doing something important or away. Few hours id say everyday. Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?: I'm very active on the server. Very friendly unless someone is being mean then I stand for my pride. Additional information: Super active and would be grateful to be in pxg
  3. LazyBoy's Application.

    Ingame Name: LazyBoy Real Name: Erik Rooth Age: 15 Xfire: MijnHoofdJa Skype: Erikje1999 Steam: None B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this): @3830 How long have you been around server for?: I have been playing for about 4-5 months on the server.How often do you play?: Daily, at least one houre Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?: Becouse i am very much online, I am always fair and I want to help people! Additional information: I am playing Waterpolo where i am realy good in i always score 2-3 goals each game. I do have Kick's Warns and Bans but I want to behave myself from now on. Thank you for reading my Application to pXg
  4. Hi :)

    Hi Pxg Members And Admins .. i just want to say hi to all members and admin here i'm new here ... i hope i get friends here You Will find me in game in server death run pxg.me .. my names in the game : R35T|iiMaker , iiMaker , Be-A-Gaming And Thank you For Watching my Topic
  5. My App

    Real Name:Alex Gaming Alias:Logic Gender:male Age:13 Steam:Omega Stylez B3 ID (type !regtest in game):5469 Servers Played:death run How long have you been around the server for?: 2 weeks on this acc 5 months on other How often are you on?:everyday; any time i can get on Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?: i would be a good pXg member because i'm friendly , active in Teamspeak, and like this server a lot. Good job making the server Mook and Nick Additional Information: Im active on Team speak and this server is a really good server. Nice Job Guys.
  6. Hello Precision Gaming Community, Thank you for taking the time to read my application. Real Name: Morgan Adams. (Not the Addams family :/) In-Game Name: Manix Gender:Male Age: 14 XFire: ManixHD Skype: morganadams7s Steam: ManixHD B3ID: @4109 Servers Played: (pXg Servers): DeathRun, Minecraft and CodJumper (Other Servers) Raid DeathRun, Raid CodJumper, Raid Fun, and I used to play FNRP DeathRun. How long have you been in the server for?: I have been playing pXg since August (Format of the dates confused me a little) How often are you on?: I am on every day, and on the weekends, I am on all day. Why would you be a good member of pXg?: I think I would be a good member because I am a very friendly person, I get along with every single person within the pXg community, I am extremely active on the servers, I have alot of knowledge regarding Administration Systems (Big Brother Bot and Manu) And overall, pXg is my favourite server and I think I would make a great additon to the Clan, also, considering I am on until sometimes 3.00AM, probably no Administrators will be online, which is a great upside as if someone is breaking the rules, I can handle it. I am also a serious admin, I ALWAYS follow the rules of the server and if i am going to warn someone, that it is within reason and it is against the rules. Additional Information: I have TeamSpeak 3, and I'm very active within pxg teamspeak, I am on there at least two hours a day, sometimes I little bit more. But on the weekends i'm on there all day. I have never been banned/temp banned from pXg DeathRun or any other Server. I think I have a good reputation within all clan communities, I am nice to everyone and always, as you people know, ask the question "How are you today?" I am curently fourteen years old, I am turning fifteen in January. I consider myself very mature, I never get mad about anything, and I hardly even swear. I am very active within the pXg Servers, I am on every day, but, like I said on the weekends I am on all day. I have been playing in pXg Servers since 08/06/14, so basically a few months. I have a complete and utter understanding of B3, as I used to run my own server with a custom B3, which ran custom commands such as !fov, !fb and I also configred rcon to work with b3, meaning that !rcon would exec the rcon commands without using console. Yes, I have a complete understanding of the pXg rules, an example of one, Don't spam, and overuse annoying binds. I am very sociable with the Admins and Users of pXg, I am very friendly to everyone I meet, help them If they need it, and give out information if they ask. Thank you all so much for reading my Application. Sincerely, Manix.
  7. Kaz's Application To Join Pxg

    My app for pXg; Ingame name: kaZ Real name: Tom Howell Age: 14 XFire; None, but will make one soon. Skype: Tom Howell Steam: Kazniti B3 id in DR: @3074 How long have you been around the server for?: I have been playing pXg deathrun for about 4 months, CoD Jumper for 2 months and been on the teamspeak regularly for 3 months or so. How often do you play?: I play daily, for a few hours. I make conversation on teamspeak and enjoy deathrun. Why do you feel youd be a good member for our clan?: I can record for the server, deathrun and CoD Jumper gameplay, im active and get along well with many people in the server. Im always on teamspeak and am loyal to my clan. Additional Information: Im one of the fastest on the server and love setting new records, i speak to members like Blunt, Melon and Google regularly. I can record, as i previously said. Im very active and havent been banned from any servers in the past. Thanks, kaZ
  8. Neewbatpc's App

    Ingame Name:NeewbAtPC Real Name:Christopher Neill Jr Gender:Male Age:14 Xfire:Don't have one Skype:[email protected] Steam:NeewbAtPC Teamspeak:I have a mic now for team speak! Was just on it the other day B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this):@999 How long have you been around server for?:I became an active Server Player in 2012 December 12 at 1:10 AM Im sure ! How often do you play?:Countless Hours regarding all the Time spent practicing on pXg Cod jumper! Love playing with All the cj players!Also DR is just like my phone I need it with me and i cannot go long with out it Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?:I feel that I would make a good member of the clan to not just be promotional but to adjust to everyones need when they want it most to the point no problems would exist and everyone including the communitry would have more fun than they ever had! Additional information: I am very friendly , pXg are really good admins of course for the sometimes your ready on the last bounce in DR and they use the !bounce command it cracks me up watching people die misserably. Also I was gone for a while and im back in my recent post. So look forward to seeing me alot more often! Another thing is I love to be satisfied so if im not eligible i will have just as much fun as i would have in the Clan Just playing with all the players! I would love a reply thanks! >NeewbAtPC