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Found 5 results

  1. AlexMLB Deathrun Application

    Real Name: Alex Abbott Gaming Alias: Logic$tep Gender: Male Age: 13 Steam: OmegaStylez B3 ID (type !regtest in game): @5469 Servers Played: Deathrun, CodJumper How long have you been around the server for?: 1 3/4 almost 2 months How often are you on?: everyday, anytime i can play Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?: I Helped FNRP With Administrating the Server and Helped With Maps. Additional Information: I wasn't active but now i am. They told me to wait and now i have. Hope i can Get Far. I am A Good Jumper too. Just Reached Level 30
  2. Hello Precision Gaming Community, Thank you for taking the time to read my application. Real Name: Morgan Adams. (Not the Addams family :/) In-Game Name: Manix Gender:Male Age: 14 XFire: ManixHD Skype: morganadams7s Steam: ManixHD B3ID: @4109 Servers Played: (pXg Servers): DeathRun, Minecraft and CodJumper (Other Servers) Raid DeathRun, Raid CodJumper, Raid Fun, and I used to play FNRP DeathRun. How long have you been in the server for?: I have been playing pXg since August (Format of the dates confused me a little) How often are you on?: I am on every day, and on the weekends, I am on all day. Why would you be a good member of pXg?: I think I would be a good member because I am a very friendly person, I get along with every single person within the pXg community, I am extremely active on the servers, I have alot of knowledge regarding Administration Systems (Big Brother Bot and Manu) And overall, pXg is my favourite server and I think I would make a great additon to the Clan, also, considering I am on until sometimes 3.00AM, probably no Administrators will be online, which is a great upside as if someone is breaking the rules, I can handle it. I am also a serious admin, I ALWAYS follow the rules of the server and if i am going to warn someone, that it is within reason and it is against the rules. Additional Information: I have TeamSpeak 3, and I'm very active within pxg teamspeak, I am on there at least two hours a day, sometimes I little bit more. But on the weekends i'm on there all day. I have never been banned/temp banned from pXg DeathRun or any other Server. I think I have a good reputation within all clan communities, I am nice to everyone and always, as you people know, ask the question "How are you today?" I am curently fourteen years old, I am turning fifteen in January. I consider myself very mature, I never get mad about anything, and I hardly even swear. I am very active within the pXg Servers, I am on every day, but, like I said on the weekends I am on all day. I have been playing in pXg Servers since 08/06/14, so basically a few months. I have a complete and utter understanding of B3, as I used to run my own server with a custom B3, which ran custom commands such as !fov, !fb and I also configred rcon to work with b3, meaning that !rcon would exec the rcon commands without using console. Yes, I have a complete understanding of the pXg rules, an example of one, Don't spam, and overuse annoying binds. I am very sociable with the Admins and Users of pXg, I am very friendly to everyone I meet, help them If they need it, and give out information if they ask. Thank you all so much for reading my Application. Sincerely, Manix.
  3. Jevapplication

    Real name: Alex Ingame name: Jev Gender: Male Age:14 Xfire: Skype: Steam:Omega Stylez B3 ID (type !regtest in game):5469 Servers Played:3 How long have you been around the server for?:1 day on this acc How often are you on?:mostly everyday Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?:I've been a admin on another server and I left because I got bored but this server is really good and I like it Additional Information: I've been admin of other server and would like to join this team as a member thnx
  4. Ingame Name: VoidZ (also known as Voidix) Real Name: Blake Mitchell Laudermilch Gender: Male Age: 14 Xfire: none Skype: Voidix™ Steam: BOT VoidZ B3ID: @1146 How long have u been on: I have been on this server since 12/31/13. However i played on pXg for about 3 months on my laptop. How often do you play: Every day for a long time, sometimes im on at night when no one is on. Why do you feel you would be a good member: I believe i would be a good member because i know most of the admins and talk to them in teamspeak. By doing this i learned a lot of what they do and i believe i can do the same and make this server as good as it can be. Additional Information: This is my second time applying for pXg. Last time, i was inactive for about a month and many new people join so i know why i didn't make it. Also, i have a perfect record of 0 warns, and bans. I am also always in teamspeak. Ty for viewing my app!