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  1. Where is everyone!?

    Replies to people: ( edited by @MiKeY )
  2. Where is everyone!?

    Hiding the literal spam. ( edited by @MiKeY Literally took up half the page. Mine did too. I edited mine the same. ) A mod is never finished, you're constantly changing it and updating it, even big games like csgo, LoL still update their games, so it's not hard to update the mod and leave weapons that aren't finished hidden/locked away till they get done and then bring out another update when them weapons unlocked once they're done. Because let's be real, the weapons aren't that relevent to the mod unless you go the old classical way and even then you still got other guns to use. Anyway I don't think being professional is relevent right now if I'm being called a prick, told that im acting like a child and told to fuck off when giving valid critism. Could of said it better? Yeah but i ain't writing a law and nor am i going to lose money so I don't care. But at least I ain't insulting people. Giving some one critism is not insulting some one, I didn't tell him to fuck off and call him a prick.
  3. Where is everyone!?

    Back in august you said the mod is done, you're just waiting on the weapons and here we our god know how many months later waiting for an actual update on the mod and a beta test you promised. So yes me calling all 3 of you out on your shitty excuses and constantly delays on such a small project is me being a prick than that's your opinion. You could just release the mod now and have any unfinished weapons locked until they get done and update the mod when they do get done...? After all weapons aren't even that important in the mod itself, just a little feature like different player models lmao So yes, give us an actual reason and prove me wrong like an adult instead of insulting me like a little child because you can't take a bit off criticism Why should i make the mod? I'm not the one making promise dead lines and saying it will be done by this and then. If something making the deadline a bit longer why aren't they posting about it immediately instead of waiting for some one to actually bring it up? Looks to me they don't care and are just saying they're working on it to hold onto their last bit of power tbh.
  4. Where is everyone!?

    Stop saying you're working on it when you're clearly not, deathrun is a simple basic mod and it's not that complex to add shit to it, only reason i took so long to bring out updates is because i was lazy and didn't work on it half the time but when i sat down and focused on it i actually brought new shit out that no other stuff done yet. Was it buggy? Yeah but you try testing things out by yourself but i sure did quickly fix all the buggy shit. So reply when you're actually working on it, it shouldn't take over a year to bring out an update. It took me a month and a half spending about 4 hours a day working on it rebuilding the complete source of the mod (because this was before braxi gave me the source code and started selling the source code) and i was new to modding. It's been over a year for 3 of you to add some new fancy guns, redo UI and add new stuff that's already out there. So get your shit together or just quit the project and own up you can't be ass to work on it because the server dead. Because if you haven't gave up on it you best start showing us all the new stuff and it best be fucking good and original otherwise you guys are shit at your job. Edit: just want to point out since late 2016 when i got bored of cod4 and gave up there hasn't been a proper update, get your shit together or step down (if you aren't power hungry).
  5. Where is everyone!?

    why did i get 3 downvotes feelsBadMan
  6. Where is everyone!?

    i got a social life
  7. all of you should kys



  9. Happy birthday lossy :) 

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    2. Soap


      wtf Its not his birthday

    3. Seren
    4. Lossy


      you should definitely kys for reporting his comment




  13. what dat mouf do?

    1. Lossy


      go fuck yourself ?

    2. Seren


      I agree with lossy :thumbsup:

  14. they should be fine as long as they don't give it to some one that pretends they know what they're doing

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      i've still got that ak skin you gave me

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      @Lossy LOL, shit that was ages ago. xD



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