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    1. Pain.



  2. PORKCHOP wat is your steam btw i need wallpapers :C

    1. jwofles
    2. porkchop


      Over a month late, but I didn't forget. Here are 5 of my current favourites.


      Also, no steam :c

  3. What song are you listening to?

    i am dumb 'nd edgy nobody touch me
  4. Community Feedback!

    I put this in my form but I want to ask anyway, why aren't PXG running the surf+speedrun mod yet? I'm sure a lot of players would be interested (especially if it's hosted on NA so people can get good ping).
  5. Community Feedback!

    https://raid.pxg.me/forums/topic/2165-raid-competitions-and-events-proposal-updated-with-results/#comment-31886 Weekly events that get everyone together to play a game or a pxg server.
  6. Community Feedback!

    events events events!
  7. These cuts make those maps fun, activators still have several chances to kill jumpers and the removal of these cuts are just likely to decrease server population. I don't think people are specifically not playing the server because these cuts are allowed at the moment.
  8. Promotions and Acceptance

    Yeeee @Anti<3 Congrats, can't wait to see how many kids you ban :>
  9. Promotions and Acceptance

    lol thanks synd you memer<3 also anti<33333
  10. ^^^ Even though sentrex didn't do much at raid, if he says he has more time, I think you should let him help you :D
  11. What song are you listening to?

    @Space IT'S SUCH A good SONG!
  12. yea.. im not clickin' that screamer

  13. anybody want RCT2 on steam? (free)

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    2. jwofles
    3. Soap
    4. jwofles


      omg are you spelling it wrong

      you only get the key if you add me

  14. where do i sign up to be edgy as fuckk

  15. selfie selfie lemme take a sleffie

  16. nipple in profile

  17. ay soup man

    1. Valatore


      Ay mayn how's your kitchen doing?

    2. jwofles


      you know it has cancer c'mon..

  18. yo

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    2. jwofles


      can i have the picture of the baby on the fence

    3. sxk
    4. jwofles


      that's actually gold lmao