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  1. Yo, I hear that you're a big fan of Arc's profile music


  2. It was referring to me :P He deleted all my posts. when the last one stated the reason.
  3. Promotions and Acceptance

    I'd like to thank my frog, phillip froggison for giving me the strength and optimism required to take on every day. I'd also like to thank the first law of thermodynamics for not destroying the universe and keeping me alive and generally being a real g. Also, shoutout to the concept of epistemic virtue, because why not. Edit: SHITTT, IM PURP NOW?!? #PURPLEHAZEJUSTBLAZE
  4. Caspa is a fuccboi

  5. My fav irish jumper h

  6. Your profile music is very loud.
    I opened your profile a minute ago and I was pretty sure there was a Zulu war cry happening outside
    Volvo, pls fix

    1. jwofles


      changed it 

      4 u