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    i hitmarked you and its kinda funny how on the exact same map someone else hitmarked but admin said it didnt matter unless you killed them. That was the only time i have shot acti and i didnt even kill him. The only reason im applying is because so much shit goes on when im on but there are NO admins on so i want to be there to help out the server. So yea i am applying.
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    Never been perm banned but i have been warned before. And i was kicked from warnings because of binds, warns, etc.
  3. Hyper's App

    Ingame Name: Hyper Real Name: Justin Pendergrass Gender: Male Age: 15 Xfire: Hyper Skype: HyperCoD Steam: HyperCoD B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this): @3200 How long have you been around the server for?: I have been playing it everyday for about a month but i have played it off and on for around 6 months. Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?: I feel like i am a mature person and if you decide to promote me i would be a good admin. Additional Information: I have never been perm banned and i know most of the people that play on the server. Also i play around 4-5 hours a day.