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    Deathrun, baseball, basketball, codjumper and piizzaaaa.:D
  1. Different's Inactivity:

    Hey guys, just letting you guys know a few days before I actually go inactive, I won't be on from this thursday (Nov. 20) to probably around December 1st, and at the latest 2nd. I'm going to Florida to spend time with family for thanksgiving and just to go on vacation. I'll try to get on teamspeak here and there when I can find the time. Thanks! -Different
  2. Gammageo's Introduction

    My names Ethan, I'm 15. I love deathrun and CJ (Although I suck at it) and I play 3 sports. Hope to see you in some of the games brotha.
  3. [Accepted] Different's Application

    ily2 senpai <3
  4. [Accepted] Different's Application

    Ingame Name: Real Name: Different Gender: Male Age:15 Xfire:N/A Skype: N/A Steam: Different B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this): @443 How long have you been around server for?: Since last november, but went inactive from April until last month. How often do you play?: At least 3 or 4 hours a day. Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?: I help whoever I can, When I can. I follow rules, encourage them to other players and yeah. Additional information: Former pXg member, but left due to in-activity with no computer. 0 warns, 0 bans on any pXg Servers.
  5. Guess Who's Back.. Back Again.

    Hey guys, for those who don't know me, I'm Different. Some of the older clan members and players on Call of Duty 4 may know me, but for those who don't, heres my introduction to you.(: Anyways.. I've already made it obvious enough that I'm back. Yes. I'm back. For good. Hopefully.(: See you guys soon.(: -Different
  6. Help

    Alright, I'll try both of them. Thanks guys!!!
  7. Help

    Hey guys, I haven't been active in awhile. But, I need some help. Whenever I try turning on my laptop, instead if booting it comes up with an error that says " A Disk Read Error Occurred, Press CTRL ALT DEL To Restart." And each time I restart, it comes up with the same message, and I'm clueless on what to do.
  8. G-Mod

    Alright!! What's yours? I'll just add you on steam.
  9. G-Mod

    Hey guys, obviously I haven't posted for awhile since i've gotten inactive with the clan. As some of you know, the only thing I could use to game is a shitty laptop for as of now, and I can only get G-Mod to run, so that being said would anyone want to get together and mess around on G-Mod here and there with me? Just add me on steam. Steam ID: ethannnnnnnn
  10. :P

    Enjoy it while it lasts!
  11. Definitely won't be on for awhile

    I'll be on ts. Found this old dinosaur in my basement. Runs Windows XP Professional. I have TS downloaded, but the video card is complete shit. So, Can't run COD 4 on here either.
  12. Definitely won't be on for awhile

    Well, I won't be on obviously. Laptop won't even run COD 4 anymore. Tried everything. Date of Leaving: Since like, 2 weeks ago Date of Coming Back: N/A Reason: No computer whatsoever. Additional Information: Don't have enough money for new parts. :/
  13. Happy New Years!

    Hey guys, my google chrome isn't working. So, I have to use Internet Explorer. So, Happy New Years To Everyone! <3
  14. Application for HawkSlayerr

    TeamSpeak 3 Is really big part of our clan. So, get active on there a lot, and you might have a good chance of joining.
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