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  1. Status/Updates (hopefully)

    This is good news. Mikey hasn’t been talking in Slack, so maybe I’ll hear from him. But this is good, I think. Normally I’d disagree, but I honestly don’t know what he’s up to.
  2. Status/Updates (hopefully)

    ur lame, that’s negative also, you’re not a loser, everyone likes you, this post isn’t about you hahaha
  3. Hi all. So I’m sure that 80 percent of you have lost faith in us, your management. Heres where we’re at right now. I’ll be as transparent as I can. @Blake is computer-less for the time being, I believe. As for @MiKeY , I really don’t know where he’s at. I don’t know the status of the mod, or what’s going on in that area. If he has any updates, or decisions, I know he’ll tell us here. And as for me, I’m always here for you guys. I’ve got a busy life, but if I can make time, I will. I try to check in every day, and if any of if you needs anything at all, whether it be personal or game related or you just want to play games, I’m here. Much love
  4. Hi.........

    I just saw this wtf, you r alive? Or you were at least
  5. Redding California

    This is super near me. I can see it sometimes when I go towards Ontario, it’s crazy
  6. I'm Back

  7. Bring back pXg with my help

    I disagree still. Good luck Mythiic. It's nice seeing your name around here again.
  8. Hi.........

    you're forgiven. don't do more stupid shit. love you
  9. Hi.........

    hiya buddy
  10. I fucking love you. @Sharpienero
  11. i have to agree with this
  12. Promotions and Acceptance

    Congrats @ImJustBad on becoming our newest admin!
  13. Promotions and Acceptance

    Congrats to @Pain. for being the newest Community Manager!