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  1. I fucking love you. @Sharpienero
  2. i have to agree with this
  3. Promotions and Acceptance

    Congrats @ImJustBad on becoming our newest admin!
  4. ImJustBad's Admin Application

    gl bud
  5. Promotions and Acceptance

    Congrats to @Pain. for being the newest Community Manager!
  6. Ban the user above you.

    Banned because my mom can't be gay if she's dead
  7. dolan rodstick

    Wow nice to meet u
  8. Ban the user above you.

    Banned for defending @Cloonz sister
  9. Ban the user above you.

    banned for thinking your avi is amazing
  10. Ban the user above you.

    banned for outing me as a girl
  11. Ban the user above you.

    banned for being beautiful
  12. Where is everyone!?

    This thread went from productive to argumentative. Just in case anyone feels like responding to anything said here in a negative way, I'm locking this.
  13. Hey I'm nick2

    not much man, you?