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  1. Ban the user above you.

    ban soap for not realizing that I can't do anything to expedite the process
  2. Ban the user above you.

    banned soap for spelling devvvy with 2 v's
  3. Ban the user above you.

    banned for not listening to public radio
  4. Ban the user above you.

    Soap banned for assuming he's the best admin
  5. Where is everyone!?

    I was going to say, that’s a pretty big change haha. I have yet to use discord, I’m behind the curve in that area.
  6. Where is everyone!?

    He made you owner of pxg? Or am I totally misunderstanding?
  7. ImJustBad's Member Application

    Good luck!
  8. just give me back admin u squares

    Aw :/ Well I play constantly now
  9. just give me back admin u squares

    Problem solved, nevermind
  10. Where is everyone!?

    I'm looking at a long ass download time here, got a download linkfor the mod? @atrX
  11. Where is everyone!?

    I don't like their mod, but people are there. pXg's mod is better, nobody plays :(
  12. Where is everyone!?

    <3 I play on Zsever deathrun! I've seen Pain on there
  13. Where is everyone!?

    Yep, that’s where I play. The admins are super obnoxious and the management is sort of oblivious. But I play, because there’s a crowd there
  14. Where is everyone!?

    This is one of those times where if people really want something back, they'll put the effort in required to get what they want. I wish that I had the knowledge needed to help with this. And I know there are many capable people here that can help. Hopefully it comes back,
  15. Where is everyone!?

    I'm busy a lot, but I would play given I had time