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  1. Grats on trial admin ;)

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    im temp banned i think can i get unban

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    Real Name:Oscar Booth Gaming Alias:Scappy Gender:male Age:14 Steam: TopProductionzHD B3 ID:@6632 Servers Played:dr.pxg.me,raid and boss deathrun How long have you been around the server for?:28 days How often are you on?:3-6 hours a day! Also depends on which day but mostly 3-6 Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?:I feel that I could help monitor the server and make sure people are following the rules.I would be a responsible admin,I would be very active on the server, I also think I could help people with questions they have to ask about the server and I would make sure people are not cheating and are playing by following the rules.I also enjoy playing deathrun with others and soon will be very active on ts. Additional Information:I have no bans on the server. Because I play so many hours a day I think that I will get a lot of experience to be admin. I am soon starting to look into coding mods and stuff for cod 4! Maybe mods that could be useful on the server.