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  1. East is mi nan

    hai kitty
  2. East is mi nan

    NJROTC m8
  3. East is mi nan

    Hey everyone, i'm East . Im 14 years old and about to be 15 in 2 months. Most people know me from raid and the older players from blur. I played on other servers like tws, iceops, and some others, but blur and raid were my main. I'd like to make pxg a main server to me, and thats starting to become true. I now play everyday on pxg and love every day of it . I really like the community, very friendly atmosphere, and great people. My hobbies in life are partying, hanging out with friends, jrotc, and when im home, gaming. I've played call of duty games ever since i was 4 years old. Yes, i said 4. I started with call of duty 2, which i loved and still love that game to this day. i guess you can call me a master in that game, since i played it until i was 8. after this, i started playing cod 4 and cod 2. I first started playing under my brothers name, which was -=RIP=- Crazyman. Then i went on to my own names. of course, since i was young, i didnt know what a ''strafe'' was, so of course with my dumb child self, i asked the lobby in a non-deathrun game. no one knew what i was talking about, so they though i was trying to say stroke. Not knowing, i though it was a good idea to make my name.... I Cant Stroke. I kept this name for about a year, but then changed my name to what it is now, East . By the way, All if this was in the server blur, and i got to know the people there that i still know to this day. I later had problems with family, and stopped playing call of duty 4 for a year. i came back to see that blur was gone, so i started looking for servers. this is when i was swapping servers, which at the time were iceops and tws. Then, around when i was 13, i discovered raid. Now , to find out that raid is going down, it was sad, but all good things come to an end. This is were i found pxg, just about 3 weeks ago . Anyway, this is my introduction, hope u like! PS: Pulse is my son.
  4. Farewell

    Son, u make mi cry ;-; #UltraNova4lief