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  1. I'm Back

    Hey Saint, welcome back :D. Bunch of random stuff has happened, management changed probably a lot of times and we're all still readily waiting for the new mod to be released in the summer of 2017 (xd meme). In seriousness though, a new mod should be releasing soon which is hopefully going to kickstart the deathrun server again. Most of the servers that were popular 2 years ago are dead now. Raid and pxg merged together if you missed that. I probably missed a bunch of stuff but you'll figure it out. Have fun going down memory lane when you play deathrun again ;D
  2. Hi.........

    Hey chidori, pretty sure I saw you on some csgo jailbreak awhile back. Welcome back :D.

    1. Pain.



  4. 3 year forum join-date anniversary bois WOOOOOOOOOO

    1. Karma
    2. Ryzo


      hey I made your profile header

    3. Sharpienero
  5. happy bday wofles of j

    1. jwofles


      thanks pineapple-man

  6. if anyone has some dank music, send it to me pls

  7. if anyone wants to test a shit map message me on steam, I need bug finders

    1. WarZone


      no u hmu people wish to have their maps tested by the greatest deathrun player of them all which is me

  8. 1 day of boredom and I actually did something http://imgur.com/SbokvhJ

    1. MiKeY


      Oh wow. You were bored :P 

  9. Of all your beautiful curves, your smile is my favorite.

    1. Pain.


      Thanks mate, I can give you more than just a smile if you want ;)

  10. Promotions and Acceptance

    At least the crashes from my map led to a shitty map being put into the server files. Also if synd told me that the server had max custom weapons that would have removed like 5 of the crashes, ecks dee.
  11. Promotions and Acceptance

    Grats Mpgz, try not to follow other 60's examples and break the server constantly :D.
  12. If it really is your bday, happy bday my weld at woh partner :DDDDDDD

    1. Pain.


      Yeah it actually is thx bae <3

  13. Happy birthday, I got you a pet rock.

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