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  1. 3 year forum join-date anniversary bois WOOOOOOOOOO

  2. happy bday wofles of j

    1. jwofles


      thanks pineapple-man

  3. if anyone has some dank music, send it to me pls

  4. if anyone wants to test a shit map message me on steam, I need bug finders

    1. WarZone


      no u hmu people wish to have their maps tested by the greatest deathrun player of them all which is me

  5. 1 day of boredom and I actually did something http://imgur.com/SbokvhJ

    1. MiKeY


      Oh wow. You were bored :P 

  6. Of all your beautiful curves, your smile is my favorite.

    1. Pain.


      Thanks mate, I can give you more than just a smile if you want ;)

  7. Promotions and Acceptance

    At least the crashes from my map led to a shitty map being put into the server files. Also if synd told me that the server had max custom weapons that would have removed like 5 of the crashes, ecks dee.
  8. Promotions and Acceptance

    Grats Mpgz, try not to follow other 60's examples and break the server constantly :D.
  9. If it really is your bday, happy bday my weld at woh partner :DDDDDDD

    1. Pain.


      Yeah it actually is thx bae <3

  10. Happy birthday, I got you a pet rock.

  11. Promotions and Acceptance

    Rain got 60? Fuck, get in the shelter we've prepared. We knew this day would come.
  12. Well my computer has been built, and my monitor comes today, but I can't download any big games till tomorrow ;-; so I guess I'll be stalking teamspeak today


  13. Farewell

    wat :c #UltraNova4lief
  14. Not going to be on as much

    Well there will be days when I wont be able to play due to games/double headers, so yeah.
  15. Not going to be on as much

    My baseball season is starting up so yeah, I will not be as active as before, but I will probably still be getting in 2-3hours a day. (Peter is a nub trololololo)