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    Well my instrests are Football, Technology, and Music. I like doing both like singing or reverse engineering a file
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  1. Ima be inactive

    Hey umm ik im not really important or a member in pXg i am nub but ima be inactive becuz my mom has breast cancer... and i wanna help her out so basically she won't be able to help me out with the things i usually do for the past 6-9 months. So ill be able to play for like 5 or 10 minutes but i mean prob not for a while.
  2. Ninja Application's

    wait if you don't get accepted within a week your denied? D:
  3. Ninja Application's

    Again, i am no admin but i think everyone would like for you to put more information, Otherwise this guy is EXTREMELY good in deathrun i hope he gets accepted good luck
  4. [COD4] pXg Application

    good luck, you seem mature for your age heck if i was VIP I would back out for more lives i exactly never had vip so i don't know the rules, but i would follow them. But good luck bro!
  5. [COD4] Rubix's Application

    :/ ok mabye i wouldn't comment on your application if you would just leave me alone. You just bug me everyday in teamspeak and the pxg deathrun server saying maasive @ mad you to ImJustPro and you always let me down and say maasive you will never join pxg. That is just mean. I wouldn't say anything on this topic if you would just leave me alone i don't say you will never join pxg but i will admit whenever you make fun of me i say at least i didn't get denied 3 times. So if you would just leave me alone. just stop :/
  6. Maasive's Application #2

  7. Maasive's Application #2

    Real Name: Malcolm DeShaun Richard Gender: Male Age: 12 Xfire: adaptedraiinn Skype: Maasive Steam: IKidHackz B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this): @6294 How long have you been around server for?: For about 2 months. How often do you play?: Daily,4-5 hours . Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?:Because i am active in teamspeak every day and in deathrun plus i am really good in deathrun i play on 125 fps and somehow i can manage to talk while playing deathrun which i can't do 2 things at once (multitask) i am respected by well a lot of people exept 2 people. Additional information: I am a 12 year old who is learning to code i am already using microsoft visual basic to make my programs i i live in texas also.
  8. [COD4] SpeedArTz's Application

    An extremely talented GFX way better than me :/ i am nub i can barely do GFX. But he is respectful and is a good GFX i don't have the right to vote but i think he would be an outstanding canidate for pXg
  9. Rubix's real application.

    ... Unbelievably disrespectful. I try to be nice to him in teamspeak, he just constantly does stuiped stuff like spam really loud noises and its annoying. I don't have the right to vote, but i have my right to opinion.
  10. [COD4] Pain's Application

    All the why would you feel like we would be a good clan member is true he is an active member he is really good i think he is very good for joining pxg
  11. gammageo's application

    gammageo is a really positive dude he is mature and respectful. I think he would be a great canidate for pxg. He is really good in deathrun to good luck!
  12. AlexMLB Deathrun Application

    He's a cool guy, he is good in deathrun to, however, don't advertise your application to people let it become popular and good luck!
  13. ImJustPro Reapply

    i talk to him a lot on teamspeak, he is really respectful and mature. And he's really good in deathrun he's a cool dude good luck!
  14. Treez app

    In one of the applying rules, it says you have to have no bans on record, also provide more info about yourself and good luck.
  15. Maasive's Application

    Real Name: Malcolm Richard Gaming Alias: Maasive Gender: Male Age: 12 Steam: B3 ID (type !regtest in game): @6294 Servers Played: FNRP,Raid,LineX How long have you been around the server for?: About 3 weeks How often are you on?: Every day at least 2-3 hours. Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?: Because i am really respectful i know a lot of B3 I know how to setup tHE WHOLE thing and my friends say and i say that i am mature i don't take thing to far and they say i be nice to everyone who i like or wanna meet and i am a HUGE deathrun fan my really close friend MaRio introduced me to pxg he said it was a REAlly good clan and community so i tried it out and i started to like it much. Also i am respected by MOST members even though i am a 12 year old i am not immature at all. I am actually mature for my age and i try to be as mature as i can because i am a kid. And i don't abuse my administrator rights i am the right person for cleaning out a server of cheaters or rule breakers. And peter said that it is negotiable if you are a certain age and if you are mature. so i am giving it a try instead of waiting 2 years. Additional Information: I am in middle school (7th grade) and i play middle school football. Also, i enjoy technology as i keep on striving to get better at it.