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  1. Nirvan's Admin Application [correct format]

  2. Nirvan's Admin Application [correct format]

    Well thats i made a new account i re vought cod4 and stuff and i follow rules now
  3. Nirvan's Admin Application [correct format]

    Real Name:Nirvan Seepersad Gaming Alias:Nirvan Gender:Male Age:14 Steam:TheCrazyGamer635 B3 id:@7333 Servers Played:Raid Deathrun, pXg Deathrun How long have you been around the server for?:around 3 months How often are you on:everyday Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?: i feel that i would be a good member because i follow rules i love the game and this is my favourate server.Since i play almost everyday there r lots of rule breakers and there are no admins on so it im an admin i can o something about it . Additional information: my email [email protected]
  4. Nirvan's Admin Application

    To start this off Real Name:Nirvan Seepersad IGN Nirvan [pink letters] Age 14 I play deathrun everyday for about 7hrs I would like to be an admin or clan member because im pretty good at the game and im thinking of starting a youtube channel i would also liked to be picked as an admin because im matureE and many times people break rules and there are no admins on Hope You Get this
  5. Application

    Hi im nirvan i would like to apply to be in the pxg clan or a trial admin because 1 its cool and many times i see people who break rules and there r no admins so i would like to be part of the pxg clan thank you yours respectfully nirvan