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  1. U died baby :o !! , Bad LUCK! :D

  2. Application

    Hello , here my new application , . 1- I got teamspeak3 and one micropone. 2- I got 0 bans and 0 warns. 3- I got good reputation with all the admins and with peoples. 4- 20 years old 5- I got good reputation with all and i mature 6- I connect all the time in dr server 7- I connect three months (2) no know xD, in the codjumper server (no longer match) 8- I have a more than basic knowledge in the b3 9- I have a complete compression of each rule, if I miss a will write !Rules 10- Im sociable with the admins and users Quote: Name real: Thomas chris | Vincent Selfu Gaming alias: Darkky. Gender:Male Steam: Darkkyh B3 ID:@5799 Servers playeds: Deathrun and CodJumper How long have you been around this server for?:I have been playing on the Deathrun server for a 2 days and on the codjumper server for a little bit over a 2 months How Often are you on?: I am on the deathrun server every day for at least an hours or more and I am in teamspeak from 5 hours Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?: feel that I would be a good member of pXg because I have previous experience from being an admin/moderator, I am very friendly and like helping out users new, im a very strict when the users insult the others users , ones days my bro (12 years) connect in my profile and insult , and I'll start avoiding that, like evitare not do that other users Additional information: I know many pXG users and administrators, much more to karma playing another server and are good friends
  3. Printing one graffiti :'D

  4. My application

    Real name:Chris selfu Gaming alias:Darkkyh Gender:Male Age: 20 years old Steam: I not have B3 ID:@5799 Servers playeds : Deathrun (new) - Codjumper (Not new) ¿How long have you been around the server for? = ¿¿What?? ¿How often are you on?: Help users Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?: Because I'm good with the users, and it is logic that everyone needs to respect
  5. My Pussy ;w;

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      Coincidence. I think not. Loominatyi. Confirmed.

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      Karma , i have 5 cats and 2 dogs :D

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      For the day 25 of 2014 (happy chritsmas) I give other dog :D