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  1. Happy early birthday ???

  2. brother is that you ?

  3. glasses are 2 fest


  4. Leaving

    rest in penis dickless the clown ;-;
  5. Farewell pXg.

    Cya around man
  6. Ima be inactive

    hope ur mum gets better
  7. It's been fun...

    tekis nu ;-;
  8. [CSGO] Anyone interested in a 5v5 scrim?

    ill get rekted but im down
  9. [COD4] Karma's Application

    best of luck on your application karma
  10. Voidix (ReApply)

    Great guy to talk to and hang out with and helped me with my application when i applied. Best of Luck man!
  11. i dont even know...

  12. Guys im kinda of scared of 2015 because 2+0+1+5=8. 8 the exact number of nipples Hilter would of had if he had 6 more nipples.6 divided by the original number of nipples Hilter had which is 2, 6 divided by 2 =3 is the number of points it takes to make a triangle. illuminati cuntfermented

  13. gammageo's application

    gl on ur app m2
  14. So i went to go start up my COD4 to go play dr but whenever i try to start it, it gives me a black screen and it would just crashes instanly. What do i do?