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  1. Inactive for a while

    Sure, if you come get it from Finland that is, I can give you my address.
  2. Inactive for a while

    Well the moving is partially done now, I am using a different PC now so I need to reinstall COD4 before I can start showing up on the deathrun server again but expect to see me there soon.
  3. Inactive for a while

    You still seem quite convinced that I am Visionz.
  4. Inactive for a while

    As of today I'm moving out from my apartment so I won't be able to join the deathrun server for a while but I will still stay active on the forums. I don't have any specific time to tell you when I will be back to the deathrun server but hopefully it won't take too long.
  5. [COD4] Application CaptainSilly

    No one is demoting anyone, Peter is just joking just like I am too.
  6. [COD4] Application CaptainSilly

    Ohh snap :<
  7. [COD4] Application CaptainSilly

    Peter is a coon ;>
  8. [COD4] Application CaptainSilly

    Actually some admins ban you for 24 hours if you wallbang so you got off easily there, also accident or not you should never try to wallbang even if the player who is activator is your friend.
  9. Rubix's real application.

    If you are just going to fuck around like this then why even apply?
  10. gammageo's application

    Really nice guy, very friendly, active on both teamspeak and the deathrun server, I think he would be a great member for pXg.
  11. Hey guys, I'm going to be inactive for the next week or two because I'm going over to my parents house so I won't have a PC to play on. I'll still be active on the website but I just won't show up on the servers. I'll see you guys on the servers after a week or more
  12. pawel

    True, that happened to me but it returned to the same B3 ID after a while.
  13. pawel

    I'm not so sure about the server play time either, I have been playing on the server for a little bit over a month and my B3 ID is @5355. Unless he has been playing on the server on a different profile before.
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