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  1. the day u forget to bring a condom....... :(

  2. ThisEpicNoob's Application for pXg

    Thanks bruh Saint, you need to get on more lol
  3. ThisEpicNoob's Application for pXg

    Real name: Zachary Franquez Ingame name: ThisEpicNoob (usually called "Noob") Gender: Male Age: 16.5 Xfire: N/A Skype: Zachary Kekoa Franquez Skype username: minecraft-balistiik1 Steam: kekoa16 B3 ID (type !regtest in game): 4973 since the last time I have been on. B3 not working atm for me. Servers Played: I played on pXg Codjumper and deathrun. I have also been on Raid How long have you been around the server for?: I have been on pXg for a month and a day now. My first visit was 10/13/14. How often are you on?:I am on every day whether it been for only one round to 10 full games. With this new chill semester for school, I would be able to be on Cod4 more often. Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?: I believe I would be a good member for pXg because of my maturity and ability to understand and follow/enforce rules. If put in a mod position, I will be able to handle the responsibility. I give a good sense of competition, fun, and yolo that I believe will be good for Precision Gaming. Additional Information: I am active in deathrun and love to play on Codjumper even though i can't do much jumps and rage. I donated $50 so I can keep the servers running and so I can keep the crazy experiences that I had and more experiences to come on these dope servers. These servers are where I actually learned to strafe and do bounces so I give my upmost respect.
  4. When u start a new semester, and you don't know what dafuq is going on...

    1. Black Jesus

      Black Jesus

      You mean, every semester.

  5. has anyone's heart also been touched this week? or is it just me

  6. i just noticed that i'm broke af atm

  7. what is homework... cod4?

  8. I Got Baned When It Was Meant To Be Someone Else

    Heres the format: Name at time of ban(regular name if you can't remember): Server you were banned in: Why you should be unbanned:
  9. I Got Baned When It Was Meant To Be Someone Else

    lol what was your in-game name when you were banned. lol lying about donating $20 doesn't help
  10. Teamspeak Down?

    why is teamspeak down? says failed to resolve hostname
  11. should i buy the $100 one? its on sale until Dec. 2 for $25

    1. Sharpienero
    2. Nick


      eh i wouldnt tbh

      the only game i ever play is CS:GO

    3. Nick


      maybe get the counter strike complete thouugh. sometimes people play counter strike source

  12. is counter-strike worth or naw?

    1. Sharpienero
    2. Nick
    3. Rescue Fox

      Rescue Fox

      7 dollars = steal. buy that cheap whore.

  13. I'm Noob

    Hey guys my name is Zach. I really like deathrun and codjumper even tho i can't get past like the 3rd jump #depressed #yolo. I'm 16 and am currently living the HI life. I'm a person full of #stupid and #yolo... I'd like to know what your traits are.