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  1. [Closed] PXG Deathrun Testing Session #2

    I'll be there 👌. Oh deary me
  2. Hi pXg (again)

    Hello there! Welcome back!
  3. Deathrun songs

    In fact I am updating some of the iwd's for VIP tonight, I will switch around the songs if you would like.
  4. Lord|OMg - I wanna get my Levels back

    No problem, when I next see you in Dr will give you your rank.
  5. kdahl's Application.

    The commands on pXg dr are a lot different from RvS
  6. Jacks App

    Good luck, also nice B3ID
  7. temporarily out of commision

    Probs best to put this in the inactivity forum xD
  8. SainT's Re-Application

    Good luck man, I've seen you as an admin before and you were pretty decent.
  9. Drama's App

    I can't read it lol, what's up with the background of it?
  10. Deathrun Mod

    There won't be one, it will be exclusive to pxg.
  11. Deathrun Mod

    Hey guys I'm back So I've been working on my first deathrun mod, it's features are limited as of now but I will update it soon, anyway here are the details: 30 levels, stock (for now). new knife_mp (CS:GO knife.) Ray Gun MW2 Tactical Desert Eagle. New menu. That's it FOR NOW, I'm adding more in the future. P.S: Mook or Nick PM me if you want a VIP deagle added with scrolling camo + VIP Headicon.
  12. Stylin's Second Application

    Good luck StyLin.
  13. Restler's App

    Very active player, nice guy. just hop on teamspeak a little bit more!
  14. Banned without warning

    Oh yes I remember this, and for the record I warned you twice for doing it, so you would have been tempbanned anyway. Kuantum was another one, he just didn't listen when I ts him.