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  1. East is mi nan

    Yoooo East Welcome to the forums
  2. Reptile :v

    Welcome to the forums
  3. Inactive for a while

    Good luck bro hope too talk too you soon.
  4. Hello. [2]

    yooooo OwO bro Welcome to the forums and server enjoy your stay
  5. [COD4] GreyGod's Application

    Admin on raid o.0 what was your ingame name?
  6. Voidix (ReApply)

    Instant accept please he is a great guy was allways active on the server when he was a member never abused power and a cool guy to talk to
  7. [COD4] Pain's Application

    Goodluck bro xD i thought that was a phiser link lolollolollol
  8. Leaving pXg.

    bb bro hope to see still in the servers and on ts :/
  9. Leaving PxG :(

    bb bro :/
  10. Hi im LazyBoy

    Welcome to the forums
  11. I'm a nub

    Hey and welcome to the forums
  12. ThisEpicNoob's Application for pXg

    This is a nice app good luck and like peter said be active on ts
  13. Hi :)

    Hey Welcome to the forums
  14. Mario's Application

    Real Name: Romario Gaming Alias: MaRio Gender: male Age:16 Steam: xXWav3yMaRioXx B3 ID (type !regtest in game): (Dr @3417 ) (Cj @1962) Servers Played: pXg Deathrun and pXg Codjumper How long have you been around the server for?: I first played on pXg servers 6 months ago How often are you on?: im on everyday about 8 hours a day Why do you feel you would be a good member of pXg?: I feel i would be a good member of pXg because i am mature im always active on the servers and im a fair person. I always follow the rules on the server and i can also enforce rules and i don't abuse power because iv'e seen power abused before and i wouldn't like anyone abusing there powere on me. I also owned 2 deathrun servers before but i didn't have enough money to keep them running. i know all the b3 commands and im also familiar with using Rcon. Additional Information:I would really love to be apart of this community/Family <3
  15. Hey :)

    Hey guys im 16 my name is romario i been playing pXg for a while but im usually on raid but i decided to take some more time from raid since i became max lvl 71 twice lol #Nolife so i am looking forward to being in this community more often