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  1. Bill Cosby did nothing wrong :(

  2. Anyone want to donate new internet for me?

  3. What song are you listening to?

    this is for @Wizzzy
  4. Retoricuhl thank u for the follow ill follow u back :D

  5. I just love how it takes steam support 5 months to help me! I feel special :D

  6. I will be back!

    One does not simply shitpost @Space
  7. I will be back!

    I will be back, i fixed my pc and so now i can play. well the only downside is i lost my steam password so i dont have cod4 anymore however, i will be getting csgo. And for the time being i will be VERY active on ts3. excited to talk to you guys once again
  8. Sorry for inactivity

    December 6th
  9. Sorry for inactivity

    hello all you peoples of pxg. Sorry for the inactivity lately. I was doing a speedrun of darkv2 cj map when my pc crashed.i took it to a specialist who pretty told me my pc was screwed. So therefore you may not see me on cj, dr or anything. however i will stay as active in forums as i can. thank you all and remember the illuminati is real
  10. Voidix (ReApply)

    Nice to see you back Versa/Vdx GOOD LUCK
  11. gammageo's application

    i see him in dr a lot. Very active and i speak to him often. good luck!
  12. I'm a nub

    Welcome to the Community and have fun
  13. If you poop on soap is the poop clean or is the soap dirty? ....

  14. Leaving PxG :(

    Cya M8,( Y u no make meh Bae)