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  1. Aimlock in Promod

    It does have b3 so just record a demo even or clips and we can ban if enough proof
  2. Where is everyone!?

    yeah he made me owner but for some reason i cant make anyone else owner
  3. Where is everyone!?

    I do very little for the discord lol, we do have our own bot that reposts images from reddit though
  4. Homework Help

    Hey guys, I am wondering if this would be a good topic to have. Since we are all different age groups and at different levels of education I feel as though we can help each other out. Here you can post a homework problem you are struggling with and someone else who knows about it can help you solve it. I feel this should be a thread to learn the stuff though and not necessarily just to get the problems done, however that's mainly up to the person helping you. Personally I like teaching people how to do problems they don't understand, and I am very good at math, chemistry, and a bit of physics so any questions regarding those I can help with. I can also teach you how to learn since doing homework and actually learning the material are sometimes a bit different. There are some ground rules though: No posting entire sheets of questions saying you cant do any of them (Chose one you think will be the most troublesome and then do the rest after someone helps you) You need to at least give the problem a shot, if you don't then you wont actually learn anything (It is reasonable to not know where to start though, but at least give it some thought) Try to give at least some insight into what your teacher is in the process of teaching you since it'll be related to the solutions Also, this can be a place where if you find/get the solution to a problem but don't fully understand why the answer is the way it is, you can ask that here as well and someone can explain it for you. Or if you just don't understand a general topic and need some help or clarification, post here and someone may be able to lend a hand. Hope this helps some people so we can all become smarter Ill try and keep an updated little table sort of thing so you can tag the person/people who are good at those subjects (Let me know what you're good at and ill add you to a section if you want to help out) But of course you can also help even if you're not in the table, these are just suggestions to get a solution going. Anatomy - @z0mbie Biology - @Black Jesus @Josh @z0mbie Chemistry - @REX Computer Science - @Sharpienero Criminal Justice - @Space @Josh English - @Josh @REX @z0mbie @Sharpienero (If looking for peer review DM a person for help) Geology - @Space History - @Josh Math - @REX @Sharpienero Oceanography - @Space Physiology - @z0mbie Psychology - @Josh @Space Physics - @REX <-- Not the greatest though Science - @REX @Chidori Sociology - @Josh @Space Thermodynamics - @REX Trigonometry - @Black Jesus <-(No identities) @REX Also, to keep this from getting out of control, I will try to hide/delete irrelevant content or will hide your comment after I add you to the list if your comment is stating what you're good at.
  5. Homework Help

    Hi peoples, I know some exams are approaching so figured i would bump this thread as some people may not know about it, and in case it could be useful for anyone needing some help. Carry on.
  6. Surf Server Information

    I will keep this page updated with information about the normal surf server and the noob surf server: At the bottom is a full map list with underlined and colored text indicating the newest maps i have added. NoobSurf Server Ip: noobsurf.pxg.me Admins: Nick VIP: Coming Soon Map List Normal Surf Server Ip: surf.pxg.me Admins: REX Frieza ICatz VIP: Coming Soon Map List
  7. Surf Server Information

    No, servers have been down for quite some time, don't really see them coming up anytime soon either.
  8. What song are you listening to?

    I've started to listen to long videos with this style of music as i browse the web and play games. The one below is from a channel that has a live stream going 24/7.
  9. Community Feedback!

    I'm down to help as well, minecraft and sourcemod are my interests as well at the moment. So if you want to do anything together in the future i'd be down babycakes ;).
  10. Community Feedback!

    I can confirm they were a hassle. Every update always fucked something up. Also there's just soo many cs:go servers out there that they never had players on them. The surf one did for awhile but I didn't have anything on it at the time to keep people coming back. Yeah that'd be something cool to do.
  11. Community Feedback!

    I like this idea. What sort of events did you have in mind?
  12. 4 exams in 4 days....fuck....me

    :weary: :weary: :weary: :weary: :weary: :weary: :weary: :weary: :weary: 

    1. Anti


      Took my fourth one today and have one more on Friday. Have yet to study, but got an average of 89% on the past three. Hoping to continue winging it :sweat_smile:

    2. REX


      Wish I could wing my classes :bawling:

  13. Ahh i gotcha, when we had the surf servers we had a custom knife model plugin but the models were very limited and i couldn't be bothered to learn everything thats goes into making models and animations xD So was just checking :)
  14. Have you at all messed around with the same stuff but for csgo?
  15. happy bday devlin

  16. Homework Help

    that's dumb as fuck
  17. Homework Help

    I'm assuming you're looking for a step-by-step so that you're not dividing by 0? Cause if not the answer is 23/24 This has got me stumped, don't really have anymore time to try it out either, sorry :(
  18. If you don't find anyone, I could prob do it if I have someone to ask questions too starting in about a month when my exams are over. I'm not really a pro though, but the options there if you need it.
  19. What song are you listening to?

    Please keep shit posting to casual...i don't want to have you warn you again ... After further consideration, it is apparent that the man is a monster at the bass. I retract my earlier statements.
  20. https://pxg.me/portal/ is cool, didnt know we had so many servers

  21. Spooky Scary Skeletons 

  22. fuckin weeb profile

  23. Homework Help

    Look up Integration Quotient Rule
  24. Check my banner, luffy hitting the Noble back into the manga.

    1. Majin Buu Hungry

      Majin Buu Hungry

      prof song goes good with it. also one of my fav moments of juan piece. kyle or hayden sees this and they are getting spoiled.

  25. Homework Help

    then take derivative of that. If you actually need to see the steps to get to there, i may be able to do it out but looks time consuming :P