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  1. Perm Swag Chan

    I think we don't really need it but it would be helpful what if "i sneak you a 10"
  2. Voidix vs VerSa

  3. Inactivity

    Hope you figure it out!
  4. Inactive! (Sorry Everybody)

    OK love you Bae!
  5. Inactive! (Sorry Everybody)

    I am going to be inactive for the next week or so until i get back from vacation but i will be able to get on the website via my phone or tablet. Also if you want to talk my kik is JayScopes.
  6. Won't Be On As Often.

    Need help just contact me you know my contacts.
  7. [Accepted] Peter Application

    He is a really cool guy i play with him almost everyday.
  8. [Accepted 10/13/14] Flora<3's Application

    I will try and download it and see if my mic will work.
  9. InGameName: Flora<3 IRL Name: Jay Age:16 Gender:Male B3 ID:4453 Skype: Unknown (but if need is willing to get it) Steam: [NYAA] Mew The Tiger Keidran I have been on the sever for a couple of months. I play almost everyday. I feel like i would be a good member of the clan because i am good with people and can keep people in check.
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