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  1. Profile song eyy, Got our own social network here :P. Say goodbye to facebook soon XD

  2. A sad day for me. Tonights the last night of me smoking bud for a few months. Gotta stay sober so i can get a better paying job. Sick of this moving bullshit. Even we i move again ill still be playing thanks to my phone though

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    2. Majin Buu Hungry
    3. z0mbie


      The break will make starting again all the better :> Good luck with the job!

    4. PaCkINhEaT


      Thanks m8. Been tough as hell lately haha

  3. temporarily out of commision

    I moved once again and dont have wifi here so i wont be on for a while unfortunately
  4. Pac-Man

    Look, you never once said you were joking during both periods of time. As i said i gave you another chance when i didnt reban you when i saw you. Yet you had to continue the crap. Even when i was ignoring the hell out of you. You then decided to change your name to what you previously stated and thats when I said "Looks like someones looking for a permban lol" You knew i was talking about you. I had no reason to say that to about anyone else. You even said something to the effect of "how long can i keep this name till you ban me?" You were a constant annoyance not only to me but to other players as well. You had your chance to stay and you blew it.Hope the 30 minutes of trolling was worth being banned in your eyes.I stand by my decision. Nuff said.