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  1. Your a legend dude, keep up the good videos.

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    2. VayRum


      alright cool cool just wanted to see a professional do it so i can replicate it,but anyways when is that video comin out? cause i watch ur videos all the time


      alright thats me thanxz for the tips and tricks i have more question but i will ask u that when u dont have alot on ur plate cya bro and keep up the good work :D (videos too)


    3. Krispy


      Thank you :D and the video will hopefully be out in 3 days or less

    4. VayRum


      kk cool i actually have not subbed to u lel.

      oh nouice 2k video the editing was on point the video was legit (actually it still is legit) XD


  2. I love your speed run's bro! Keep it up

    1. HawkSlayerr


      He doesn't check forum anymore

    2. Scruffy c:
  3. Turtles app

    He would be a very good admin, I've known him since the 1st day i got my laptop, he is a very responsible admin, good friend and a funny guy. Hope to see him be a new member of the family <3
  4. Mario's Application

    I play with dis sexy beast all the time and I say he would be da best admin of 2k15, He's a very nice person,Very active and would keep the server in control when ever he is on,I would R8 him a 12/10 m8
  5. I Got 1 Mill Xp On Dr :d

    thanks karm :DD
  6. I Got 1 Mill Xp On Dr :d

    thank you Conner
  7. I Got 1 Mill Xp On Dr :d

    thank ya thank ya ill be here all week m8s
  8. I Got 1 Mill Xp On Dr :d

    Just Wanted To Show You I Got a Wopping 1 Mill https://gyazo.com/e8abbcd011512acac9c0e1b5da603250
  9. thank you mook thanks thanks fox i love freezing hes the best
  10. My name was Crispy at the time but now my name is Krispy