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  1. [Vote in progress] Acis Application

    When I played at the very beginning I was ZegaZ I think that is the only other one I have had on PxG
  2. [Vote in progress] Acis Application

    Ingame Name: Acis Plays Real Name: Cody Chilton Gender: Male Age: 14 Xfire: Don't have but will get if absolutely needed. Skype: CodyChilton1234 Steam: Acis Plays B3 ID: @154 How long have you been around server for? I have been here almost since it was created but with different names. I went inactive for a while because my PC went down for a while but Now I am back. How often do you play? Almost every day for probably 1 1/2 to 3 hours. Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan? I have been playing deathrun almost since the beginning, I know all the rules and will definitely be responsible if I get promoted. If anyone needs help with anything server wise or really anything I can help. (Not including dirty stuff xD) Additional Information: I hope this doesn't lower my chances for promotion but I used to have kind of a beef with Nick. I really do forgive him I do not know if he forgives me but I can work stuff out with him if he will give me the chance. I don't go on hating anyone and I hope he can forgive me. Hope I can become a member and help everyone out and become good friends with you guys. (: