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  1. [Accepted] Blunts App For Pxg

    Talk more in TS bro, I see you in it but you never talk.
  2. Minecraft Server?

    A minecraft server would be fun! Also they are way easier to run and maintain than a Cod 4 server is
  3. [Accepted 8/10/14]] b0ss application

    Thank Fox, Bounce, and Razzy ;D
  4. [Accepted 8/10/14] DREAM APPLICATION

  5. [Vote in progress] Razzy :D

    Best british guy I have ever met, #youtubefamous
  6. Ingame Name: b0ss or FnNoob Real Name: Garrett Jones Gender: Male Age: 15 Don't have active skype or xfire accounts at the moment, will make account if needed Steam: Necrro I have been playing on this server since the end of June and I have been playing everyday for 3 hours or more trying to beat every map. I feel like I would be a great member to pXg because I get along with many different people and I have a reputation to make many people laugh. Additional Information: One time I got a warning in game for accidentally killing myself as the activator by falling too far. I some what know Space and Razzy if that helps... Deathrun Number#3194 If you don't accept this, I will send Mook's ball sack to every website in the world... jk.
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