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  1. [Accepted] Peter Application

    He's very nice and he is active, I see him on pretty often. Good luck
  2. Very active on Deathrun and Teamspeak. See him on basically everyday. Good luck Astro, I got a good feeling you'll make it
  3. Steve's Inactivity

    I'll be back on the server tonight!
  4. Steve's Inactivity

    Ok thanks guys. Happy birthday Space!
  5. Steve's Inactivity

    Mook when I get back on will I have to restart from level 1 or could you guys bump me back up to level 13? If not it's ok i'm just curious.
  6. Steve's Inactivity

    Thanks Space, It will probably be done within the next two weeks. I got on the website the other day and I realized I got accepted and I was so happy!
  7. Steve's Inactivity

    The reason of my inactivity is my laptop broke so I am building my own PC I will be back on within the next few weeks
  8. Ingame Name: Steve Real Name: Stephen Gender: Male Age: 14 Xfire: BZVisuals Skype: BZVisuals Steam: BZVisuals or ISparedGamer (One of those idk) B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this): @3665 How long have you been around server for?: About 5 weeks Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?: I can moderate the server and report/kick any troublemakers. I will also be a helping hand to new people that join! Additional information: I have a clean record with this server. I was previously in the clan "Sync" about a year ago. I actively come on TeamSpeak but I have been a little inactive the past 2 days. I will be on Vacation from the 9th-16th so I will most likely be inactive around those times. I am a graphic designer for sports my IG is BZVisuals if you guys wanna check that out! Thanks For Reading!
  9. Steve's Application

  10. [Vote in progress] ReDux's App

    Good Luck You deserve to be in!
  11. Jordan

    Good Luck You deserve to be in!
  12. [Vote in progress] ReDux's App

    Get in TeamSpeak haven't seen you in there
  13. Steve's Application

  14. Steve's Application

    Nope, that's my only name. I usually come on between 2pm-10pm EST time