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  1. Where is everyone!?

    @Josh Owner rank on pxg discord, but he cannot give it to anyone else.
  2. ban appeal

    ya know this exists for a reason can't believe that someone was actually online and on top of that, managed to get banned
  3. Happy Bday!

    1. Synd


      :O happy bday, been awhile since we spoke but I miss the cod4 wars :P

    2. z0mbie


      Thanks you guys :smile:

  4. Roses are red violets are blue I didn’t know what perfect was until I met you

  5. What song are you listening to?

    i've been listening to the same thing (:
  6. Promod Rules

    A little late but here it is since its not available on the server at the moment: Rule #1: No elevating! Rule #2: No advertising or spamming of websites or servers Rule #3: No arguing with admins (it will get you nowhere) Rule #4: No cheating/hacking/scripting/scrolling Rule #5: No recruiting for your clan, your server, or anything else Rule #6: No racism
  7. just a preview:


    1. WarZone


      should've hit the slide bounce @ top light

  8. Promod FAQ

    If you have any more questions that are not answered below, reply and I will update the FAQ and delete your post to keep things clean. If I missed anything obvious I am sorry, please let me know. What is Promod? A slimmed-down, performance-boosted, tournament legal version of CoD4 which features no sniper sway, a larger FOV (field of view), and no hitmarkers through walls! How is it different than stock CoD4? Only certain guns from each class are selectable (best weapons from each category) Only mod available is the silencer 90 FOV No weapon sway (no need to hold your breath) Set perks (Perk 1 is bandolier, perk 2 is stopping power, and there is no perk 3) Cleaner visuals Better optimization Balanced map pool etc... What servers do we have? pXg | Promod - relaxed public server to practice getting better - /connect pm.pxg.me pXg | Scrim - serious environment server specifically for 10-mans and pugs - /connect dm.pxg.me;password cheese Why should I bother? Ever seen a player whom you admire for having good movement or insane aim? Promod puts you on the fast-track to getting there by placing you in difficult situations with good players you won't see playing on regular versions of CoD4. Hone your aim and game awareness sharply, and transfer those skills to other mods or games (Deathrun, CodJumper). Constant & consistent practice with people who are superior is the best way to learn. Who do I contact with concerns to the servers? With concerns to the public server @z0mbie With concerns to the scrim server @Seraph Do I need punkbuster? You do not need punkbuster to play on either the public or scrim servers. Cheating & scripting will still not be tolerated.
  9. A New Start

    Gangsta I think you misinterpreted this post. I for one Dervae, being here for everything, including your start at Booster Juice, say thank you. It's nice to see a formal apology, I can by no means speak for NKP or Nick, but I'm sure they appreciate it as well. I'm glad to hear that you're doing better and I hope everyone can stay friends (: I'm always here to talk if you want too.
  10. Gammageo's Introduction

    Hola mi nombre es Fernando y no me gusta Deathrun y yo soy el jugador Promod besy que tendrá que poner los ojos en . Tengo 18 años de joven y me gusta colillas de las mujeres. Bienvenido a pXG y nos vemos en Counter Strike Also anime sucks donger
  11. My Return[ Kinda] + Inactivity

    ...bik. I love you.
  12. Little Montage Of Hawk And I

    Fuck you visionz is the best.