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  1. Finals for this month

    Finals are all this month scattered through days. I maybe only 4 times a week or just once a week. i will do the best that i can to get on, but if i do well on finals= New pc:b Hope you all can understand. Thanks guys. (p.s. im gold nova 2)<3 #stillbetterthangoogle
  2. thank you! was looking at getting a couple asus monitors, i hear those are the best around. Was also going to overclock(as usual) and maybe overclock my monitor? any monitors that can handle an overclock?
  3. wtf is wrong with you suicide?
  4. okay aha thanks rescue:) ill check it out<3
  5. iN STRAFER ban appeal

    speak with mook, nick, or peter. I would say more than likely no for not following the template. Try resubmitting a new template, will increase your odds.
  6. iN STRAFER ban appeal

    so you're saying you only want unban because you have no where else to go for servers? Also you did not follow the template. Also as i believe cherry is banned for threatening to ddos. Sorry to say m8 but you should remain banned
  7. they're all at least a couple grand piece, lotta replacement parts in all of the ones we have worked on... lol. Him and i just want to go all out and spend like 4-6k on pc parts, to make one fine son of a bitch
  8. presuming you mean on max visual settings correct?
  9. Hello, my father and I have built 2 PC's now and are looking to build our finally model together "The Beast" Really looking for pc specs from anyone that knows the best to put into this bad ass mother fucker. Looking to go all out on this bitch so feel free to put some expensive as parts in. Thanks everyone, need info asap. Love yall<3
  10. Deathrun Mod

    please if you on actually following through please do:) it's been so tiring lately trying to listen to people say "oh ya i'm making a new dr mod" and they leave and never hear from them again. If you are going to be following through please do:) would love to see a change<3
  11. Inactive for some time

    didn't mean to come off a dick haha, just what you had said came off kind of like you were attacking so i was just defending a fellow member that's all:) love you mook<3
  12. Inactive for some time

    Yea it's a long time mook, but you have to understand that school is a priority over video games. The fact that he is choosing school and family over video games is smart and you, yourself, should be admiring. He quotes "i will be on when i can" therefore stating that he will still be on time to time. Yall gotta let people breathe because it seems to be at times mook, you don't understand people's priorities, and a "virtual life" should always come second to everything. He is going to be on from time to time. Let the kid do well in school.
  13. went to go turn my pc on and sounded like a jet crashed into a box of kittens, scariest shit in the world. on a serious note, my pc seems to still be in a rebuilding stage and i can't get past the windows loading screen. I hope to have 'er back up in running in a week or two. Thanks for the cooperation, ill still try my best to keep up to date with how everything is going<3