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  1. Aimlock in Promod

    Okay! sure thing, wasn't sure if it had B3 or not didn't seem to me like it did.
  2. Aimlock in Promod

    Yeah they aren't linked together I don't even think that the promod server has b3 on it to be quite honest.
  3. Aimlock in Promod

    He goes by the name of "civil occult" and was aimlocking win hipfire and looking through walls. I can try and record some clips of him cheating if you'd like.
  4. Promotions and Acceptance

  5. ImJustBad's Admin Application

    Thank you all very much for the feedback, I appreciate it.
  6. ImJustBad's Admin Application

    Thanks <3
  7. ImJustBad's Admin Application

    I've read and understand the application requirements: Yes Real Name: Trevor James Warren Gaming Alias: ImJustBad Age: 17 Steam (Profile Link): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198214657687/ B3 ID (type !regtest in game): @3623 How long have you been around the server for?: I've been around this server for about 4 years now on this account; (I played when the server started on my cracked keycode) How often are you on?: I am on the forums for about 2 hours alone each day and I will get on the deathrun server for about 2-3 hours everyday to just see what's going on and who's playing and all. What country are you from?: U S A Why do you feel you would be a good administrator of deathrun?: The reason I feel that I would be a good admin on the pXg Deathrun server is I have tons of knowledge with B3 in it of itself and I have a lot of experience administrating a server and know what and what not to do, and I don't use friendship and other types of relations to waiver my enforcement on a user. That being said I've got tons of ideas on how we could help the server grow and populate in a whole, and hopefully with my help we could make pXg great again! My suggestions can be found here. Additional Information: I do have a job working as a commercial electrician and I work 6-2:30 so I've got tons of time to devote to the server and help it grow.
  8. This kid Bad is autistic 

  9. Happy Birthday Sharp Luv Ya :star:

    1. Sharpienero
    2. ImJustBad


      No Problem anything for my babe.

  10. ImJustBad's Member Application

    Ingame Name: ImJustBad Real Name: Trevor Warren Gender: Male Age: 14 Xfire: (None) Skype: minecraftservers1 Steam: WaW_MoDz B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this): @3626 How long have you been around server for?: I have been playing on this server for about 9-10 months now. How often do you play?: Daily, at least a couple hours. Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?: I have very minor scripting skills and I feel that if i were to be accepted into the clan that i would be responsible and not abuse any power at all, and help to not only make the server better but the community too. Additional information: I am taking classes on learning how to script in school and i will hopefully be able to help where i am needed on the server, I have a perfect record of no bans, kicks, warns, ect. I have known some of the members for almost a year now.
  11. Voidix (ReApply)

    i know but he literally just left and says he is coming back because of the new mod kinda cheesy dude
  12. Voidix (ReApply)

    you leave the clan then you think you can just reapply and get back in, but whatever best of luck man.
  13. ImJustBad's Member Application

    Thanks Wnki and good job on building your first pc!
  14. ImJustBad's Member Application

    Thanks Mook and Hawkslayer!