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  1. hb bro fuck more bitches

  2. [Cod4] pXg Application iPod

    too much squeak. jk gucci luck
  3. well nothing worked unless im doing it wrong which i probs was. :/
  4. i tried getting on deathrun on my new computer today but i could download any maps that i havent download and it left at the download screen like that is was locked so i deleted the mod and tried to download it again but then i couldnt download the mod so i tried CJ and it works fine, it downloads every map without it locking up at the download. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO FIX THIS?!
  5. Leaving PxG :(

  6. gammageo's application

    ive seen him in-game but not ts that much. You will have better chances of joining the clan
  7. Vexv Application #3

    Vexv good luck on your app and be a little more active on DR because about a week ago i dont remember seeing you on DR
  8. Joining pXg

  9. ImJustBad's Member Application

    add me on steam and keep me as a friend and i will vote on your app. btw good luck. oh and one more thing, no one gives a fuck about your pitching skills :/
  10. meh pinis en her vargina

  11. ThisEpicNoob's Application for pXg

    First of all, Who the fuck is GANGSTA, and nice app and be more active on ts and sure enough your chances will increase greatly.
  12. [Accepted 1/15/15] ImJustOk's application

    Everytime I get on DR I always see you on so I would think you would be an active 20. More than most 20's.