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  1. Wilson<3 's Application

    Ahh when I log in today ill look thanks
  2. Wilson<3 's Application

    Ingame Name: Wilson<3 Real Name: Wade Wilson Gender: Male Age: 19 Xfire: Can get one Skype: Wadewilson949 Steam: Dahyumxbl B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this): 2777 How long have you been around server for?: Past month or so How often do you play?: at least once per day Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?:I feel like I would be an asset to pxg because, I'm on quite frequently, I'm mature and know how to handle situations and not escalate them. I have previous servers I was admin of one being around a year ago back when i used to play(took a break) I was admin of the Ice Ops server which Jericho(Big youtuber) played on and brought a bunch of rookie dr runners I had to deal with. Aside from cod4 death run I was a Moderator on a sub4sub website called SubXcess which gained into a twitter follower and youtube view site as well, which had over 100k members. If there any more information that you'd like the best way to reach me is via Skype Additional information: probably mixed this part in with the above question XD and if i were let into the clan I would understand i wouldn't be a admin right from the get go Thanks for your time ADDED: Mom deleted cod4 by accident when cleaning out files so I'm lvl 2 now if wondering
  3. Enjoying summer :D

  4. Social Network

    Don't think its big enough yet for a twitter would just be an extra hassle for someone to have to make tweets from it and it would be pretty pointless tweets, might swell just follow everyones personal twitter
  5. Hey hey hey!

    Hey guys, Its Wilson<3 from the death run server and just here to say hello just registered on the website so go ahead and shoot me a friend request if you'd like Look forward to talking with you guys over the forum ps. Feel free to add me on Skype: Wadewilson949 See ya guys on the death run server