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  1. FastDownload Help

    So me and my friends Korean Jesus, shrimp or now known as Nebual and me have Been making a server but have no idea how to make a fast download can anyone help?
  2. The thread

    This is a reply to a reply to a topic.
  3. School issues

    Suggest caring about school I wish if I would even stop my parents would flip out.
  4. School issues

    I have been recently getting bad grades at school so I won't be on as much through the week. I will be on a lot on the weekends though. Not that a lot of people care but yeah, school is pretty important so i need to start doing better. Lol thanks for reading
  5. Apologize. (Plz read)

    Ahh I just noticed member not admin lol
  6. Application for HawkSlayerr

    Lol call me Astro I need to switch my name if I can.
  7. Apologize. (Plz read)

    Hey I have been seeing people upset about being denied but even though I was I'm not very sad or pissed off. I have taken it into consideration that I should be more careful how I act I always am getting mad at myself and taking it out on you guys. Some of you may know that my friend jay died recently and that has been putting stress on me recently and I have been getting frustrated at myself and everyone on the server and I want to say I am very sorry and I apologize. This server has a lot of awesome people that I don't want to hate me. Since I got denied I have been seeing people say go on team speak more so I am also gonna start going on team speak more and I am going to have a good behaviour and maybe I can become a admin if I make myself be seen as a better player to you guys. Maybe I can get accepted later on so I can make the game better for you by stopping the people who are breaking pXg's rules. Once again I am sorry and If I start acting rude just tell me to remember what I posted about and to have a better behaviour. Anyways thank you guys who read this as this took me awhile to right lol. See you guys on deathrun .
  8. ImJustTakis Application

    Yay ayahuasca in frigin crying in joy good job takis I wish I got accepted but I ain't as awesome as you but good job man!!!
  9. Application for HawkSlayerr

    Good job you got accepted I'm proud of you!!!
  10. Surreal Abusing Power+Proof

    Not sure if your kidding, being legit or mocking me.
  11. Surreal Abusing Power+Proof

    Yeah but he does it constantly he has spawned at the end of the round a few times and I just don't find it fair that just cause he played longer or however he got accepted he can simply spawn himself and since he is really good he will pass everyone else and never let them have a chance to get to the end which I don't find fair all I'm saying is admins should be using their "power" responsibly in which I guess is to stop the people who break the rules to make the server more fun for others not constantly spawn themselves to make the game easier for himself as he can "cheat" and just spawn over and over without killing the activator which mainly ruins dr. That's what I think cause personally I don't find it fair for others as we have to earn the extra life. I 100% agree to this I just wrote that just cause I know he won't.
  12. Surreal Abusing Power+Proof

    Hey so i got on deathrun today and it was the map electric and after playing a few rounds surreal joined. Surreal died at the start of the map since he died he did !sm he then spawned then died and once again did !sm again for the next few rounds he spawn himself over and over again and it kept going into the next map which btw was semtex. It kinda annoys me and others how surreal "abuses" hi power to cheat and spawn again without killing the acti. I don't want him banned (it would be a suitable option though) i just want him to stop and to get a warn or whatever so he stops cheating like this! i dont want anyone to get mad at me for saying this i just want him to stop so the other non-admins can have a fair game.
  13. Promod errors

    Hey I have recently been hearing that ProMod is great and really fun if u are board of dr so when I join I play for like 1 min then get kicked for no packet flow. Help?
  14. Discussion on Admin Abuse....

    The admins also constantly change the maps for no reason and it is annoying
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