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  1. Black Jesus's Application yo

    cough change your fing background SEE
  2. Zed Application

    BTW Can I use Chris Dollars.
  3. Zed Application

    Didn't you see me and warzone lose at least $120 on Na'vi vs Mouz https://gyazo.com/444929cce6c3611abf5f98ce823fbb71 the loss of skins R.I.P. to them.
  4. Zed Application

    What Do you mean?
  5. Zed Application

    In game name: Zed Real name: Nathan Chau Gender: Male Age: 12 turning 13 Xfire: Don't have one Skype: Dx891481 Steam: Dx891481 B3 ID in DR: @2075 How long have you been playing for: 6 months How long do you often play: I been playing CS GO everyday because everyone is now on it, but i'll play cod 4 if needed, and I am on teamspeak everyday on the pxg.me sever or Night Ops. Why do you feel your would be a good member to the clan?: Because I know Coke, Emerson, Chris, Killer, Glxy, and more members that I'm well known to. Additional information: I am Zed how can you resist me, Coke is my Coach, and Killer love me like when his penis is in a vagina, or Chris's love, for meh. P.S. I'm not gay I just have a hobby for dicks.
  6. [Vote in progress] Zed's Application

    Wow u can still remember everything which was 5 months ago. You must of stalked me or was a fan cause i feel so famous according to you.
  7. In-game Name: Zed Real Name: Nathan Chau Gender: Male Age: 12 know the age is 14 but what eves Skype: Dx891481 Steam: dx891482 B3 ID In Dr: @2075 How long have you been in this sever for?: Since March 2014. How often do you play?: Daily, from 1-12 hours a day in teamspeak and ingame. Why would you feel you would be a good member to the clan?:I have over average scripting skills, play most all games pxg plays, and a responsible person. Additional Information: No bans, warnings, and know some pxg members, but mostly pxg| KillertoonQc though, and I have CS:GO,COD4, Cod5, OSU.
  8. Admin

    Age: 12 4. Be at least 14 years old. in regards to "admin" or "pxg member": But, How come Google 1 was accepted at 12 years old?
  9. Admin

    Ingame Name: ChauFTW Real Name: Nathan Chau Gender: Male Age: 12 Skype: dx891481 Steam: Dx891482 B3 Id in Dr:@ 2075 How long have you been along for?: 1 or 2 months 4 to 6 weeks I'v believe that i should be an admin or an honor to be a Pxg member because i honor this sever. However, the sever needs for community friendly, to new players and other's. That's when I come in, to help other's and help any problems they may have. Finally, I feel this sever could be more friendly to other's and the no need of rules sooner or later, and having more advertisement's for the Pxg owner.