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  1. Pubg Controversy

    I posted a video on Reddit yesterday and it's been stirring up some controversy on whether third person perspective takes more skill or is better than first person perspective. I'd like to know what your thoughts are towards the subject because Ik some of you guys @Surreal @Sharpienero @z0mbie @WarZone Play pubg and other survival games like h1. My Reddit post:
  2. What song are you listening to?

    Fav song atm. Prolly not what many ppl like to listen to on here but w/e
  3. Surf Server Information

    Is the server up? Anyone wanna surf?
  4. Homework Help

    That seems hard :( but I see ur idea. At this point I'm so far in that I don't rly wanna restart. Maybe I'll try it later..
  5. Homework Help

    Idc about order of operations
  6. What song are you listening to?

    One of my favs
  7. Homework Help

    Fuck apush i found a way that works for my calculator but it's rly shit and complicated:/ didn't tokenize to parse
  8. Homework Help

    Ok, but what if the user enters a combination of different functions? Then it becomes harder to do that (sin(3x)+cos(4x))
  9. Homework Help

    Yea I've thought of smothering like that. It's a bit trickier tho cuz what if the user enters "sin(x+1)"?
  10. Homework Help

    For my comp sci ia I'm making a derivative calculator. In it, the user can enter their own function and a point and the calculator takes the derivative at that point. Currently it works, but the thing is if u input "sin(x)" the computer won't know how to deal with it, instead u gotta type "Math.sin(x)". I'm wondering if there's a way so that u can just type "sin(x)" and the compute will recognize it as the sin function. @Sharpienero @[email protected] Jesus
  11. Homework Help

    Not rly algebra :p
  12. Homework Help

    @REX took a solid 3 hours but I figured it out. i don't have time to post a full solution rn, but pretty much u have to rewrite cos(x) as a McClarin series expansion or whatever. The terms of degree >4 go away and the rest simplifies nicely. or u could apply lhopitals rule 4 times.. but that's some hairy math
  13. Homework Help

    Lim((1-x^2/2-cos(x/(1-x^2)))/x^4) as x->0
  14. Homework Help

    Here's a problem: pls no series expansions or li(x) functions
  15. Homework Help

    Looks like a nice idea. But the first pdf I opened when I looked it up had bad math so... Idk if it's trustworthy. I'll check others later
  16. Homework Help

    Is it possible to do ∫ k(x)/p(x) dx (where p and k are non-constant polynomials and p is a higher degree than k) without partial fractions? for example, if I were trying to do ∫ X/(x^3+1)dx could I say y'=x/(x^3+1) and solve the ode y'(x^3+1)-x=0? if so how would u go about doing this? @REX @Space @emerpuss if the way I worded this is confusing I can try to explain better tomorrow edit* prople will ask why do this when u can do partial fraction decomp. My response is that I would rather kill myself than do partial fractions
  17. Homework Help

    Does anyone here know about java? I might need someone to pm later in the year when I need help @Sharpienero @Black Jesus
  18. Dafuq Hawks Intro?!

    I call myself hawkslayer Here ar som facts about me: 1. I'm a shit poster 2. I was born ion planet earth 3. I am old enought to be ur uncle 4. Nicks dick is big 6. I'm bad at counting 7. My skype is HawkSlayerr or something 8. I play cj 9. My favorite movie is prob oboe one of the movies mad e by humans 10. My favorite book is the book by that one writer who's name I can't remember 21. My favorite secks position is the one where my dick goes in ur ass 13. I have an aliase called: Mook's cum Mooks cum is quite good and sticky 15. Ur probs gonna reply tl;dr if ur nick or black jesus 15. My real name contains letters and is pretty cool 16. My favorite colour isn't yellow 19. I have very well developed grammer 14. I own bitches who eat my cock 32. I have pets and like raping my monkey 21. I shitted on my monkey 135. I have moved my ass 69. I'm 80 in dr Well that's a pretty good description of me, I hope u guys read and will become more personal freinds with me from this ^.^
  19. What song are you listening to?

    I rly didn't want to post in this topic but I just had to share this song cuz it's epic. Siv showed it to me Will be great for a special speedrun ;)
  20. Homework Help

    How was the physics? I wanna take it sometime.
  21. Homework Help

    Anyone taking /took ap tests in his week ?
  22. Homework Help

    I'd use an identity, tan(a-b)=(tan(a)-tan(b))/(1+tan(a)tan(b)) let a=7x and b=x tan(7x-x)=(tan(7x)-tan(x))/(1+tan(7x)tan(x)) =tan(6x) I don't think u gotta take the derivative, tan(6x) is what ur asking for I think :s