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  1. Hi.........

    Thanks dude and congratz on your promotion my dude
  2. Hi.........

    All im asking for is forgiveness thats all...and if im not granted that after 2 years then .. thats okay i understand.
  3. Chidori

    Hey i made a post in introductions please move it here
  4. Hi.........

    Yeah i did see you but im not back read the post
  5. Hi.........

    Um hi, My name is Chidori and i was banned from pXg about 2 years ago and im making this post to say im sorry..... To @Sharpienero @Nick and im deeply sorry to @Klay i know ive let you down. I was banned for cheating in a regular snd game with some of pXg's members for fun.It was very childish of me and very stupid to do such a thing especially when i was a trusted admin of pXg.It has been around 2 years and... ive grown since then, and i came back here to apologize for not being the person that iam today.I have realized what i did, i was wrong and selfish..... Before i joined pXg i was a cracked cod4 user, Searching for deathrun servers on Cod4 because i had alot of fun on them, i found out about pXg and decided to apply to become a member, a while passed and because of me being a very active member i was quickly promoted to a beginner admin, but there was an issue, you see since i was a cracked user i was not able to get admin, But someone in here that had hope in me, bought me legit Cod4 and that person was @Klay, but i disappointed him when i cheated and stuff happened...then after everything was over i was kicked out of pXg and banned forever, till this day i have not been able to log into my regular account.... Please forgive me for being an idiot pXg And even if you don't forgive me i still hope that this community lives long. Well... thats all i have to say. PS : If you are new and wanna join pXg go for it just don't be like me :D