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  1. What song are you listening to?

    I love Bring Me The Horizon Here's a classic remix
  2. Homework Help

    You're supposed to use the documents to support your answer to the prompt
  3. Homework Help

    Hardest portion: Multiple choice because they're mostly document based. Lots of reading in a short time period Time period most important: Mostly 1800's but late 1700's is also very prevalent. They had a solid mix of all times. DBQ vs. Long Essay: The DBQ is an essay that you write based on a set of documents provided to you. The long essay has to be from memory.
  4. Homework Help

    It was really easy. If you got questions shoot em
  5. Homework Help

    a.k.a. shunting yard right?
  6. Homework Help

    use a substring from (0,2) for the trig function, and then from (3,string.length()) for the transformations
  7. Homework Help

    Use an if to see if what the user enters equals trig function a, b or c. If it does, use trig func that matches
  8. What song are you listening to?

    @Warzone This album is a feels album