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  1. Raid would be 4 years old today o.O



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. darmuh


      @Synd ya i feel we pulled out at a decent time tbh

    3. Karma


      Me and a group of friends played that shit nonstop, best server and I can say that now that it is technically pxg ;o

    4. jwofles


      i kinda wish the forums weren't closed and left in a shit state (no theme), but oh well we have pxg now so much better riiiiight?? -insert pxg not enough money thread-

  2. hey guys been a while. how is everybody doing?


    now that I have your attention, gonna shamelessly self promote my soundcloud now :)


    1. Soap


      from what i hear they are nice but it sounds really distorted on bass parts maybe it sjust my headphones.

    2. darmuh


      @Soap yeah i noticed this too when I try to listen in my car. I guess my headphones I use on my laptop pick up bass differently than normal gonna try to mix them down better later when I have time



      @Cloudy new mod on cod4? I wouldnt expect much tbh. May check it out eventually though I guess. If it's on a newer cod i'd have to buy the new cod first tho lol

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    2. darmuh


      yeah watching most tournaments is just so stale lately.

      Might as well take the people out of the equation because all we get is a webcam feed that isnt even up all the time. The players could be overly sophisticated bots with actors sitting at the computers and we'd hardly be able to tell the difference.

      ESL Pov streams were literally the best thing ever but teams made a fit about their strats being leaked over stream so it was removed.


      I just want some form of it back to make the games interesting to watch again yknow

    3. Caspa


      If I recall correctly, asking for upvotes is completely against reddit rules?


    4. darmuh


      fuck do you think i am some kinda rule follower?

  3. if anyone is interested in infernew smokes


  4. added a profile song

    1. Anti


      Not sure why I spent eleven minutes listening to it

      Is it multiple snips of different songs or just a long one that changes genres?

    2. darmuh
  5. found chatlogs between me and beatthat about dreamhack cluj


    specifically the g2 vs nV match on inferno



  6. http://csgoani.me

    just keep clicking the screen and it'll give you random webms

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