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  1. If you want to get accepted half a sentence dosent show us that you typed it shows us that you didst try very hard take cloudys app he wrote alot showing that he will try his best to become a member if you truly worked hard you would ask what could i do better to get accepted or look through apps and see why they got accepted but now saying you quit because you didnt get your way dosent help if you ever decied to apply again. 

  2. Im leaving , i see there is no respect,i really worked for my application,every day,and i am denied...Bye,dont miss me

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    2. jwofles
    3. big pp head lol!

      big pp head lol!

      Alright Ill be honest here. Unless I take sleeping aid I don't sleep. With countless days of no sleep over the summer. I had not seen you once. I like you man but this is not the way to handle things. Rubix did this and see where it got him. This is a low key cry for attention, you're bringing the wrong kind of attention to you and right now have damaged your rep a bit. It's not that people have no respect, its that people just don't have the reasons to vote yes for you. When you apply make it count, really speak from your heart about how you love pXg and shit. People will not miss you. Maybe except @jwofles but leaving like this is not a good thing. Try again and give it your 100% next time and show you're part of the community. Be on the forums more, be on the games more, go on teamspeak, get to know people. Eventually it will work out.

    4. Descer
  3. What song are you listening to?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvq7Jy-TFAU I really like this one.
  4. What song are you listening to?

  5. I like her but i can't tell her...what should i do?

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    2. Descer


      First i will talk to her,if she ignore's me i will touch her ass doing a barrel roll on omegle,and i will not be a pussy :))))))))


    3. big pp head lol!

      big pp head lol!

      pee on her to show your dominance

    4. Descer


      Good idea,still i'm the man

  6. Does someone wants to play Deathrun???