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  1. ^Tommy, you cuck! I need you back... We need our promod pug ringleader. :D
  2. Hey I'm nick2

    Ahh, Nickales. My sweet nkp. The good times we've had. Good to see you're back in action. You should chill with z0mbie and I in ts. Would love to have the boys back for some shenanigans.
  3. Promotions and Acceptance

    gj @ImJustBad
  4. As the official Usurper of pXg, I approve.
  5. ImJustBad Member Application

    I like the app. cant say which way ill vote until it happens.
  6. Leaving

    what nothing for coach? i see how it is... welp im gonna go drown myself in a lake of choco ice cream. .
  7. Cherry (x2)c

    nty craazy bitch ddos whore.
  8. Make me cri like ever time :(

    u smell dats why
  9. Make me cri like ever time :(

    littlefoot isnt even from the uk. hes from america for god sakes. what i lier
  10. pXg thanks

    awww thanks man:D.
  11. John's Application

    Ingame Name: John Real Name: John (John) Merandez Gender: Male Age: 20 Xfire: jolikoli Skype: nightwolfy Steam: nighangel456 How long have you been around server for?: A long time. How often do you play?: Daily, at least a couple hours. Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?: I have pro scripting skills and I would be a responsible admin if you ever decided to promote me. Additional information: I have a perfect record of no bans, kicks, warns, ect. I have known some of the members for almost a year now.