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  1. Community Feedback!

    Form has been filled out @MiKeY :)
  2. Happy birthday lossy :) 

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    2. Soap


      wtf Its not his birthday

    3. Seren
    4. Lossy


      you should definitely kys for reporting his comment

  3. What song are you listening to?

    <3 my friends cousin. Kinda scares me but lol
  4. @Sentrex probably the best person you will get for an applicant @MiKeY. That post instantly gave me a boner when I read it. Best of luck to finding your person for the job.
  5. Hi Thur :)

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    2. Sharpienero


      Damn, C3 already spitting game.

    3. The C3

      The C3

      Think I met you in teamspeak?

      With Patrick I believe

    4. Soap


      His back flips get the Digits @Sharpienero

  6. Promotions and Acceptance

    Thank you so much @Arc!
  7. I just noticed your location, your staying up there.

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    2. The C3

      The C3

      Oh god lol. Yeh check the right corner next to the box full of old clothes.



    3. Ryzo


      Lol, plz don't post stuff like what you posted on my profile just now plz lol

    4. The C3

      The C3

      Kk bee bee <3