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  1. CrAzY?? Who?

  2. SOMEONE archived the last one... soo here it is again ITs Simple ban the use above you it cant ever end so it works u just ban the person who commented above you for a reason that has to be funny but near the topic they were banning the other for. I shall go first (soap is above me) Banned for being the best admin:D
  3. Ban the user above you.

    Banned because you havent given 60's bounce and respawn
  4. Ban the user above you.

    Banned because you just clearly lied to all of us.
  5. Ban the user above you.

    Ban josh for not pressing for new mod.
  6. Ban the user above you.

    Banned black jesus for needing a new pc Edit: ban me for thinking black jesus was devvy
  7. happy nbirthfsady


  8. Ban the user above you.

    banned josh for not realizing glxy just vanished one day
  9. Ban the user above you.

    Banning mist for making a half assed ban also not working on mod enough.
  10. happy birthday

  11. ImJustBad's Member Application

    vbucks for votes?
  12. just give me back admin u squares

    There was a guy on while we were all on named josh we thought it was you
  13. Endround song suggestions! (Updated)

    2:30- whenever 0:10 to when ever i like de bass 0:27 classic ill post more later
  14. just give me back admin u squares

    okay we did not abuse you we abused each other
  15. Where is everyone!?

    @MiKeY stop giving these brats titles i'm about 100% sure i banned them all for cheating on our servers lol (sorry mist if you are not the bad part of rvs memory is hazes) drop ip ill hop on
  16. ban appeal

    If i remember correctly, this was me over a year ago. You might have one of the old rvs rank hacker keycodes thus i banned you for being a solid "cunt"
  17. Where is everyone!?

    i just bought a new pc so im coming back on the other hand that mod still not done? lol5
  18. Twitch con meetup

    I’d like for everyone to meet up at twitch con we can all hangout possibly rent out a big ass house for the few days it would be cool:) also if u live in az/SoCal/Vegas I would be willing to pick u up
  19. Twitch con meetup

    @Seren Dolan got y since u guys live close or @Spacecan probably bum u a ride since ur in de way @Blakeight
  20. Lvl98 wArruior big balckcow

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    2. Seren


      i got u whats ur address 

      send pls

    3. Soap


      4 1 1 4 w c a r t e r r d p h o e n I x a z 8 5 0 4 1

    4. Seren
  21. Gimme $50 PayPal I’ll come back on friday

    1. Seren



    2. Pain.


      Gimme $51 PayPal and I'll make sure he doesn't come back on Friday

    3. Soap


      $53 I’ll lynch pain

  22. My gf dropped my phone in a lake so i lost my steam guard and im not sure where i put my recovery code thing wut do i do

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    2. MiKeY
    3. Nick


      When you get a phone back you can just have steam text you the verification code (assuming you keep your number).

      I can't sign in -> I deleted or lost my whatever -> enter username -> text me verification code

    4. Soap


      thanks for the helpfull ness pals 

      i think im just gonna rape her and her mom and sister then melt them in acid and put a lil bit in every bottle of coke since i work at the canning facility 

  23.  h b f\d

    1. jwofles




      i mean thanks ^o^