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  1. Fak it.

    No more fucking suck up. You want to know the real reason I left for 3 months? You guys. YES ALL (exept Nick, he never really talked when I was around) OF MEMBERS. Guess what assholes? I'm black, white and JEWISH. How was it to feel that everyday I joined all it was is this: Annoying, hatred and rude mixed with disrespectfulness. At first you guys were nice and sort of doing it to the point where you guys completely turned on me and acted like I wasn't even your "friend". SO when I got sick of all the racism, hatred and disrespectful names I left for raid. They were ALL nice, they all had some kind of caring and never acted like they hated me. After 3 months there I decided to come back to good old PXG to see how my old friends were. I realized that some of you guys were the same. I then started to act JUST like you guys, annoying as fuck and racist. One of the members said to me, not saying who, I at least have some kind of standards, "your fucked up" after arguing we both figured out something. I realized that it was immature to act like you guys. Now most of you are quite. Thanks for being there and nice. Here let me be more specific: People in clan I like: Everyone but Chris People I hate: Chris
  2. Application.

    I copied and pasted someone elses application (format), forgot to change that part Also, I know I left you guys and it was a huge mistake, I promise I will never do that again. I know all of you guys the best and I don't like most of the other clans out there. Trust me when I say I will never leave you guys again. If you don't think I'm telling the truth that's ok. I just wanted to apply again because its fun playing with you guys on cod 4 and learning new commands to troll, trickshots and tactics everyday. I know for a fact I would suck balls at deathrun if I never ran into pXg. All I ask is for you to give me another chance, I promise no bullshit.
  3. Application.

    Ingame Name: Restart Real Name: Robert Gender:Male Age:14 Xfire: RObert556677 Skype: xprestart Steam: Nick you know it B3 ID in DR(do !regtest to get this):@1324 How long have you been around server for?:3 months How often do you play?:4 hours a day Why do you feel you would be a good member of our clan?:Because I know you guys and, you guys are funny and love to joke around with. Additional information: I am very experienced at deathrun and learning when it comes to promod. I know I got denied because I left you guys for A2K. I promiss I will never leave you guys again. Yes I'm active now. I hope you guys vote yes and Idk if devvvy is still active but if he still is then tell him to join ts
  4. Back now :D

    I broke my wrist but now its OK I'm back now :DDDD
  5. pXg thanks

    I added you, sorry. PS.I LOVE FISH jk fish are gross as fuck np
  6. pXg thanks

    I knew I forgot someone, sorry guys.
  7. pXg thanks

  8. pXg thanks

    Hey it's Restart here. I just want to say talking, interacting and playing with pxg members/ pxg community has been awesome. I just wan't to give a shout out to nick for working his ass off for you guys. I have had a good time with all of you guys so far and I hope to continue it. Here are people who make me laugh my ass off/ gives me a reason to play cod 4 pXg| Nick: Dry humor, always go's all out! pXg| Major: He always comes into team speak with something to talk about. pXg| Devvvy:VERY FUNNY OMG. Also he is fun to play on scrim and deathrun with. pXg| z0mbie:He is nice most of the time, other than that he can have that dry humor. pXg| Nipples: When he joins he makes team speak a damn party! pXg| WarZone: Barely talks, when he does he is funny as fuck. pXg| Google: He is fun to play with in deathrun and scrim. pXg| Enjoi (Chris): Very cool person, loves to troll and get pics of boobs pXg| ShimaH':ALMOST LIKE NIPPLES he can be serious though. John: Good person to talk to. pXg| REX: Just pure amazing. FaZeD Hitman: Love it when we play deathrun. pXg| Different:DRY HUMOR and I love to play deathrun and cod jumper with, yea hes different! pXg| Littlefoot Really nice exept for that comment down dere (littlefoot is one of the best members) I loved the first month with you guys and I have to say, pXg is the best deathrun/pm servers I have ever been to. I can't wait for 1.3 though Thanks for reading this guys. Restart!
  9. Youtube series update. BIG ONE

    I want to know your ram to see how good your pc is.
  10. Youtube series update. BIG ONE

    Hey guys its Restart here. I have decided to make RestartHD more then me just uploading to it. I'm making it where you guys can to (Deathrun vids!). PRIVATE message me saying your ingame name, ram, mic, teamspeak (optional), recording software, why you would like to and if you can talk during the video (REQUIRED). People who can already upload without having to do all of that ^ pXg| Nick pXg| Major pXg| Devvvy (murzyn) pXg| WarZone pXg| Suicide pXg| z0mbie pXg| Space If you are listed up here ^ just reply to this saying yes or no. IP will always be in the discription by the way. Really quick! I'm using fraps and sony vegas (both cracked). Thanks!
  11. Making intros or outros for people

    Can you make me one? I'm to lazy as of now to make one myself. Thanks riceboy
  12. app for plexx kneegrows

    I hacked when I first got my PC xDD I don't anymore. Good luck!!!
  13. Away

    Hey guys I'll be offline today. I don't think this is important enough for inactivity section. See ya tonight.
  14. Youtube channel (updating you)

    I'll use fraps and Sony vegas. Yes I will get them cracked. Thanks guys!
  15. Youtube channel (updating you)

    Hey guys its Restart. My bday is in 6 months :/ 1 month before my bday I'll have my gaming PC. Should I get fraps? Anything? What ever you think I should use reply below. Thanks