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  1. Hi.........

  2. Damn I've been here for 4 years

  3. Happy Bday!

    1. Synd


      :O happy bday, been awhile since we spoke but I miss the cod4 wars :P

    2. z0mbie


      Thanks you guys :smile:

  4. Bout time school got out

  5. I still want - rep to come back

  6. Portal servers aren't matching with the current players in-game @MiKeY

    1. Nick


      should be now, but the images on portal are broken now.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Karma


      Portal has more then just servers in it tho

    3. jwofles


      true, there should just be a servers page then as well

    4. MiKeY
  7. Hello beutiful person(s) that are going to read this....but anyways straight to the point karma bans me because he says im 'offical' with no proof at all.....I didnt say anything after because i didnt know who offical is so pretty much after that he bans me and says "Dont worry you still have minecraft" copy and paste/

    1. HawkSlayerr


      What's ur minebuilder gamertag? Wanna make diamond stick with me?

  8. Your profile song....

    1. Karma


      ....is fantastic.

  9. hey can i still donate to get vip on eu server? if so what do i get from getting vip

    1. Sharpienero
    2. Karma
    3. Nick


      If you have it on na death run just ask @MiKeY to give it to you on eu

  10. Whenever I see Scoria/WTF on the server I almost always hop on. I just find it very fun to attempt the cuts. They should stay.
  11. Hey is there a way to make it so Profile Song names appear on the persons profile?